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OpenGov uses Analytics in it’s Regional Excellence Awards criteria

OpenGov uses Analytics in its Regional Excellence Awards criteria

          OpenGov Asia (OpenGov) has initiated a series of awards for the public sector in Asean, starting off in Malaysia. OpenGov was outsourced by MAMPU to operate the awards nomination and selection process. The awards ceremony is being held today, October 8th, 2015 in Putrajaya.

          OpenGov, the leading content and event provider in public sector, education and healthcare in Asia, created the public sector awards nomination process. MAMPU assisted OpenGov to get agencies to nominate themselves for the award. Mr. Mohit Sagar, Managing Director of OpenGov, has been working with governments from ASEAN for several years.

          “It is encouraging to see government concentrating towards being transparent,” says Mr. Sagar, “By using our back engine analytics, we are able to derive real conclusions as to how government is moving towards digital transformation.”

          OpenGov used its proprietary analytics system to collate the results gathered from the nominations. From these results, winners were identified according to several categories. The awards identify excellence in the areas of: Analytics, Data and Analytics Strategy, Data and Analytics tactics, Embracing Mobility, Leveraging Social Media, and Smart Infrastructure. OpenGov will provide coverage of the winning agencies following the awards ceremony.

          Over 110 agencies participated in and completed the awards nomination process. A comprehensive application form was completed by public sector, health care, and education agencies.

          Stay tuned as the winners will be announced later today.


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