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Outbreak Management System Solution Key in Re-Opening Borders During Pandemic

Borders have become a huge focus in the fight against COVID-19 with countries having closed their borders completely to stop the spread of COVID-19 and further infection. One of the main areas to be affected by the current pandemic is the travel industry, this includes all sectors from aviation to the hospitality sector and tourism.

Many countries in a bid to keep the economy going, did attempt to re-open their borders to international travellers, which resulted in second waves of infection and COVID-19 clusters appearing from imported cases only.

With rapid coronavirus transmission, many countries find themselves having to close their borders again to tourism and non-essential travellers. In turn, this has had major economic consequences for various countries, many of which depend on tourism and international business travel as a major part of their economy.

Technology Solutions to help re-open borders

In order to get international travel and tourism back up and running, safety measures and systems need to be put in place to show visibility and give insights to the risk of COVID-19 exposure as well as track and record health and well-being of those that enter and leave the country.

There has been an increased focus on technology solutions to accelerate and help solve the problems the pandemic has created, a major one being the travel lockdown and to find solutions to re-open borders and restart the travel industry as a whole.

One such solution has been developed by Singapore start-up to do just that. Liberty Passage developed by Access Anywhere, a total outbreak management system, can be used across various sectors within this industry including airports, cruise lines, immigration, and tourism boards. It also provides a useful tool for insurance companies in this industry to restart to offer customer solutions.

Liberty Passage has been designed to help provide relevant timely information and build the confidence required to restart free movement between countries and continents, giving travellers when crossing borders and authority’s confidence when processing foreign visitors at customs.

“The pandemic has caused major disruption to our lives and to our economies. By providing a solution which will help open up travel and customs around the world, it will help reunite families across the globe as well as allow for international business travel to take place bringing about more freedom and a return to a new kind of normal in a safe, private and secure manner.”

Mohit Sagar, Managing Director, Access Anywhere 

Liberty Passage aims to help travellers and authorities with Immigration Visa Clearance, E-Health Certificates, Tourist Visa Applications. It is unique in that it offers various services on one platform, from location risk, COVID-19 exposure risk, E-Health records, and Passenger itinerary records.

Outbreak management solution for individuals, corporates and the travel industry

Liberty Passage is one of three outbreak management solutions Access Anywhere is offering for individuals, organisations, and the entire travel industry.

The Liberty Universe is for the entire population with Liberty Open designed for everyone to manage their personal risk, Liberty Corporate for organisations to ensure a safe return to work, and Liberty Passage for travel and the reopening of borders. Everyone gains from the vast insights the system provides to be able to go about their normal lives whilst keeping as safe as possible against this phenomenal threat.

By joining the three pillars together, ‘the whole becomes greater than the sum of the parts’ giving the general public, employees, and travellers more liberty to move with confidence and a smarter understanding of their risk exposure.

In order to start a new type of normal, outbreak management systems will be the key in building confidence, mitigating risk and enhancing safety in everyday life.

For more information on how the Liberty Solution works – please visit www.libertyandpassage.com

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