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Great Audience, Feedback And Engaging Format! OpenGov Client Handling ...
Marketing Director
Fantastic Dialogue Once Again. A Lot Of Thoughts Given To The Polling ...
Strategic Alliance Manager
Facilitator Has Done His Work & Research On Transport Industry And...
Senior Partner Manager

How we are dedicated to create great events for our customers

Very organised and well planned. Good attendance turn-out. This is event different from other in term of invited great profile of people. OpenGov client handling was great.

Territory Manager

We like the event format, ie: gamification sessions, 1-1 meeting and the informal meetings at booth. OpenGov client handling was very good, we had good support from the team.

Marketing Specialist

The event as a whole was good

Marketing Communications Senior Specialist

I'm impressed most with the gamification format

Key Account Manager Secure Power Business

Thailand OpenGov Leadership Forum 2019 has provided good opportunities for the business!

Marketing Communications Specialist

Great event! OpenGov client handling was good

Marketing Communications Manager

Great event with amazing format and engagement. Impactful!

Director of Big Data and AI Solution Architecture

Great Insights from the FSI IT & LOB! The event overall was very good.

Account Director

Very good turnout and dynamic presentation! The session was very interactive with lots of input from the delegates.

Account Manager

Very good event and really efficient for us to define which customers are interested in cloud computing

Senior Business Development Specialist

Awesome format which drives group participation and provides a fuller picture and insights!

Marketing Manager

OpenGov event as a whole was excellently organised!

Business Development Manager

OpenGov event was very good and had a great turn-out rate!

Senior Product Lead

Another great event with OpenGov! Interactive discussions from all the participant. It is great to hear the guest speakers provide insights foro their own perspective. OpenGov client handlindg is very good; Happy to be working with the team again!

Marketing Manager

Thank you so much for such dedication and hard work on this event. One of the most successful event so far. I'm impressed most with the gamification format and love the session as we can see the delegates are enjoying themselves very much through the effective participation.

Field Marketing Manager

The event as a whole was very good! I'm impressed most with the discussions among delegates. OpenGov client handling was good as usual!

Marketing Manager

On the outset, thank you for the Big Data/AI events across FSI/ Govt verticals in Jakarta and Singapore. Gamification is certainly is a great format to engage the customers to understand their business challenges and IT initiatives.This gave us a good insight into how they think/ plan their activities when they plan any new initiatives. This a very engaging process and attendees really interact / share their thought process in a fun way.I certainly enjoyed interacting with the attendees and we've good take aways (leads) to follow up from both these events. Thanks again for great events. Looking forward to the next events in Jan

Vice President, FlashBlade Sales

This was a great event. All the participants were very engaged, especially during the gamification session. I'm impressed most with the delegates engagement and the format of the event. OpenGov client handling was very good, the team has been very supportive!

Marketing Manager

Great audience, feedback and engaging format! OpenGov client handling was very good.

Marketing Director

Good event with variative organisations in FSI! I'm impressed with the delegates RSVP and the format of the event.

Sales Development Representative
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