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Petroleum company empowers 5000 employees with digital training

According to a recent report, a major petroleum company from Thailand has teamed up with the country’s leading e-learning platform to help open up opportunities for employees at all levels of skills. The skill training will cover professional and lifestyle topics.
Through the programs offered by the e-learning platform, employees can learn at their own convenience from anywhere, at any time on any devices from a personal computer, tablet or smartphone. With over 400 courses and counting including both soft skills and hard skills, the petrochemical company now serves career development needs of their employees, in accordance with their strategy to solidify its position as Asia’s leading petrochemical company.
The President of the petrochemical company said that amidst the digital trends within the energy industry, the firm brought in new technologies to transform its operations at all levels. In accordance with the company’s 4.0 project, it invests heavily to elevate the capacity of its employees by integrating digital technology and providing rigorous training in areas such as communication and problem-solving in the e-learning format.
In the past, the firm primarily focused on personnel development with the objective of increasing its technical production capacity. However, today’s focus is to instil the personnel with greater diverse general knowledge, which is regarded as a life skill, so that they can efficiently adapt such knowledge in their professional and personal matters.
By encouraging employees to take up learning for self-renewal, the company can help add value to each employee. Thereby making them decent and skilful people. In the future, they will be important assets to the organization in generating more profits and achieving sustainable development for the organization.
The firm’s head added that it has faced a typical constraint in time management whenever employees were required to attend classroom or external training programs. Full attendance is difficult to achieve. Thus, the company has converted some of the classroom training to an online format which allows employees to learn more within a limited period of time.
This year the training plan is aligned with the training roadmap which is designed to link training activities to organizational goals, primarily based on the competency-based training approach. The training objective covers three personnel development aspects, that is, organization knowledge and technical and functional competency as well as a leadership competency.
Therefore, the firm worked with the e-learning platform to provide the employees with over 400 courses which they can freely choose from. Moreover, the firm also worked together to organize workshops where employees learned how to transfer knowledge into DIY online courses so that video presentations could be uploaded on the e-learning platform for a business setting and other employees throughout the organization could learn from them.
The CEO and co-founder of the digital learning platform said that nowadays leading organizations digitize their training because it allows them to monitor results and set a clear goal. Moreover, the digital classroom fit with the employee’s lifestyles which everything happens on mobile. Besides being a hub of knowledge and skills, the platform also provides learners with an opportunity to choose personal development contents on their terms without having to spend time travelling to attend any offsite training program.
All they need is a device and a determination to learn. At present, this is an important learning trend. According to the platform’s survey, 97% of working people wanted to learn new skills but 94% of them could not do that because they could not arrange a time for training. For this reason, the digital learning platform is confident that this cooperation can accommodate this lifestyle very well – that is, the desire to learn more from the best people anytime anywhere.

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