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PetroVietnam’s PV GAS Accelerates Digital Transformation

The Petrovietnam Gas Joint Stock Corporation (PV GAS), under the state-owned Vietnam Oil and Gas Group (PetroVietnam/PVN), has been speeding up digital transformation to boost production efficiency and increase competitiveness.

In early August, the 110,000th digital signature file was signed in the PV GAS’ digital signature system, equivalent to about 450,000 signatures. This marked a significant milestone, as the organisation has greatly reduced the time for processing documents.

PV GAS’ digital transformation is implemented concertedly with the digital transformation process of PetroVietnam, taking advantage of the infrastructure system and promoting efficiency in the sector’s value chain. Along with solutions to strengthen its technology infrastructure, PetroVietnam has been promoting digital culture, encouraging a foundation of sharing, creativity, and constant learning.

In 2015, PV GAS hired an international consulting contractor to implement enterprise resource planning (ERP) software projects, conduct surveys, and evaluate the feasibility of its projects for implementation. From 2016 to 2021, PV GAS restructured its organisation and promoted the application of information technology as per specific production, business, and internal management needs. This improved efficiency, gradually standardised operations, and better-suited ERP software application standards.

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically impacted people’s lives and habits. The emergence of new consumer trends and business models has forced businesses to make changes. During this period, PV Gas paid special attention to digitisation and applied IT in all production and business activities. This includes work-from-home options, increased availability of online tools for meeting and working, and deploying digital signature tech.

In the post-pandemic economic recovery period, IT applications and digital transformation are expanding, helping change traditional operation methods. Implementing a resolution to carry out digital transformation at all subsidiaries of PetroVietnam, PV GAS approved a plan to deploy ERP software based on its business development strategy and compatible with PVN’s ERP software. With the simultaneous implementation of two consulting projects, PV GAS will select a digital technology group suitable to its scale and business strategy soon and ensure the implementation of the ERP system in accordance with the Smart Factory orientation. PV GAS has also concentrated on improving its IT and data management systems to meet the increasing application need and ensure cybersecurity.

In September, PVN’s Vietnam Petroleum Institute (VPI) built an Oilgas AI ecosystem using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). As OpenGov Asia reported, the system collects and analyses in-depth data in the oil and gas sector, with products such as crude oil, petroleum, liquefied petroleum gas, and natural gas.

VPI is partnering with an industry giant and taking measures to optimise the analysis, use, and management of data, helping firms improve work efficiency. For each product, Oilgas AI performs an analysis of market data, price forecasting, supply and demand, infrastructure, and inventory. It also helps users easily find, tap, and interact with vivid data through charts, reports, and dashboards. The data will be constantly updated, making it easier for users to monitor real-time data.

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