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Philippine develops electronic filing services for metro workers

Image credit: Department of Labor and Employment

Workers and employers in Metro Manila can now electronically file their labour-related requests through an online facility developed by the Department of Labour and Employment-National Capital Region (DOLE-NCR).

The DOLE-NCR’s e-filing service is a free online process system that allows a client to register or fill-out forms for free, submit applications or monitoring reports, request permits or certifications or submit other DOLE-related documents in a secure online environment.

The electronic facility can be accessed through DOLE-NCR’s official website.

According to a press release, once the link has been accessed, clients may select from the eleven e-filing services provided:

  1. Request for Assistance
  2. Request for Certificate of Involuntary Separation for SSS
  3. Registration of Establishment under Rule 1020
  4. Registration of Job, Service Contractor, Subcontractor (D.O. 174-17)
  5. Construction Safety and Health Program Application (Simplified)
  6. Construction Safety and Health Program Application (Comprehensive)
  7. Request for Technical Safety Inspection
  8. Annual Medical Report
  9. Report of Safety Organisation
  10. Application for DOLE Clearance (Certificate of No Pending Case)
  11. Application for DOLE Clearance (Certificate of No Pending Case on Child Labor)

Once a preferred service has been selected, clients will be directed to an online form that will require a Gmail account to access.

Before availing the required services, the press release urges clients to first read its Data Privacy Consent Notice at the beginning page of the form before registering their e-mail addresses.

The form also features an option to attach or upload required documents and an automated acknowledgement receipt sent via the client’s registered email address.

After submitting the online form, DOLE-NCR will also get in touch for further updates through the client’s registered email address, telephone, or mobile number.

Although the e-filing services are accessible through an internet connection at any time, DOLE-NCR said that they only attend to any electronic filing submissions during office hours from Monday to Friday.

For assistance, the release provided a link for clients to a step-by-step instructional video.

Image credit: Department of Labour and Employment

The Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHL) has also developed an electronic filing system for innovators and designers to apply for design patents.

The online patent processes allow applicants to submit the required documents and forms electronically to initiate the application.

As OpenGov reported, the system is called the eDocFile for Patents and eliminates the need for innovators and designers to be physically present at the IPOPHL. Applications for invention, utility model (UM), and industrial design (ID) by receiving all post-filing documents, requests, and basic annuity payments are accepted electronically.

With a system that can make the patent granting process simpler and more cost-efficient, IPOPHL can ensure uninterrupted service—crucially important amid the expected demand for IP protection during COVID-19 and digital solutions that can help live better lives through the ‘new normal’.

Other requests processed by the new service include requests for extension, corrections, certified true copies, registrability, UM and ID revivals, renewals for ID submissions like the power of attorney or appointment of resident agent.

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