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Philippine Leading Food Delivery Service Announces New Online Tools for Merchants

A leading Philippine food delivery provider has launched new initiatives for small food and beverage companies, including product solutions to broaden the online presence of merchants. The food delivery service strives to be the most chosen platform for businesses and enterprises in the Philippines, with platform features, important insights, and updating chances. The food delivery service commissioned its inaugural F&B trends report from the global research organisation, which included insights and trends based on respondents from 1000, detailed interviews, and consumer focus groups.

The company released a report to help local dealers adjust to shifting consumer behaviours and preferences. It has also developed the collaboration to strengthen the financial skills of small enterprises with the Philippine’s International Finance Corporation (IFC). The new measures announced for their food and beverage trading partners during their annual trade conference will be implemented during this year.

The report emphasised how F&B consumption behaviours in the Filipinos have changed since the epidemic and how Covid-19 accelerated the introduction of food supply platforms further, given the limited mobility caused by quarantine. Many F&B companies rely on food supply platforms to help sustain their businesses and flourish. 92 % of those surveyed said that food supply is a key function for their businesses, whereas 39 % said that they rely on food supplies to help their businesses continue.

We are grateful for the trust and confidence of our merchant partners, and we will continue to reinforce our commitment to supporting their growth and long-term success.

– Country Head of Philippines food delivery service provider

The growing number of consumers ordering meals online creates business partners with the aim of expanding their presence online, both in and outside of the delivery application. The food service said it is increasing its technological knowledge and capabilities by introducing its online shop, an e-commerce solution tailor-made for food and beverage companies, to help its merchants develop. The online shop of the food supply service provides traders with the chance to build up and operate their own personalised website, with extensive technical and customer service assistance.

A marketing solution will also be introduced within the app by the major food delivery provider. With a marketing solution, traders can choose their chosen marketing packages that combine appropriate publicity and promotional solutions to assist traders to achieve more effectively their aims. For merchants that appreciate the flexibility to develop their own campaigns, the self-serving advertising and promotional alternatives of the company can continue to be used in the app.

In addition, the leading service for food supply and the International Finance Corporation work together to promote small enterprises’ financial literacy. The trading partners of the company should have free access to the company portal to training materials provided by Philippine’s International Finance Corporation.

“These are challenging times for many businesses, but through regular engagements with our merchant-partners and constantly keeping our ears to the ground, we gain a holistic and deeper understanding of their needs and continuously support them with features, solutions, and programmes to help them become more resilient amidst these market conditions, ” said the country head of the food delivery service.

The app gives commerce partners access to analytics and marketing tools to assist them to understand the performance of their business on the platform. It also leads companies on how promotions can be developed to attract more clients. In fact, traders can also trace their growth through a company’s analytic dashboard beyond the management of everyday operations. Similarly, the organisation helped numerous local companies on the Small Business Booster programme in their digitisation journey, providing the required tools and solutions to serve consumers better online.

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