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Philippine Telco Collaborates with Public Sector to Bolster Country’s Digital Readiness

Through its B2B arm enterprise, a leading telco company in the Philippines is closely collaborating with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and the Philippine Board of Investments (BOI) to support the priming of the country’s digital readiness in a multi-agency government initiative to attract global hyperscalers expanding in Asia. On the foundation of its “Make It Happen in the Philippine (MIH) campaign, DTI and BOI announced lately the addition of hypercalators as the sixth key sector to push the Philippines as the next hyperscale hub in the Asia Pacific.

We have a thriving digital economy and a good economic profile. The digital readiness of our enterprises is helping propel our economic growth even further.

– Philippine Board of Investments Chairman

Hyperscalers are global technology companies that provide cloud and internet-based services. They require massive amounts of space, power, and connectivity in the regions where they widen in place to bolster their vast customer base and user demand surges. The DTI Secretary and BOI Chairman emphasised the strong government and private sector collaboration behind the campaign to lay the groundwork for the Philippine digital economy.

“After being widely recognised as the outsourcing capital of the world, this is the natural next step for the Philippines, as our country now has all the necessary elements in place to make this happen”. he spoke.

BOI launched its international investment campaign, “Make It Happen in the Philippines,” in November of last year, with the aim of inviting and enticing foreign investors to invest and conduct business in the country. It initially focused on five priority industries: automotive, aerospace, electronics, copper, information technology, and business process management.

Enterprise Business Groups’ President & CEO and SVP & Head for the Philippines’ leading telco company, Enterprise Business Groups, reaffirmed the company’s commitment to expanding the country’s digital infrastructure for global tech companies seeking to expand amid the fast-growing demand for digital and data services.

“In the midst of a digital revolution, we at the company ensure our unbreakable support and commitment to help bring the Philippines’s digital infrastructure to the next level. With the private and public sectors’ cooperation in driving our digital ecosystems to greater heights, we are confident that we are ready to open up our country as the next destination for hyperscalers,” said the President & CEO and SVP & Head for the Philippines leading telco company.

The Department of Energy (DOE), the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT), and the Manila Electric Company will join the DTI – BOI and leading telco company in accelerating programmes proving the country’s digital economy and infrastructure capabilities.

“The DICT expresses its utmost commitment to improving telecommunications and internet service in the country to create a more conducive and thriving business environment. This will allow our investors and telcos to take bold steps in providing internet connectivity and improving the quality of ICT services in the Philippines,” he said.

The Senior Assistant Secretary to the DOE and Chief Sustainability Officer of the Electrical Group Manila also spoke of equality in this project and discussed both the public and private sector sustainable and renewable energy investments to meet the hyperscale market.

“With the identification of the hyperscalers industry as one of our country’s newest and most strategic growth sectors, we fully support the move to make the Philippines a regional leader in the space. We, as Manila’s electric company, recognise the role we play to spur and support the growth of hyperscalers by delivering not only reliable, and high-quality energy, but also as we say earth-friendly power,” he noted.

In contrast, this public-private partnership seeks to continue to enhance the appeal of the country and to highlight the possibilities of the Philippines as a rising market for more global hyperscalers.

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