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Pikom: COVID-19 a Push to Transform Via Digital Tech

The Covid-19 pandemic has given a wake-up call to people around the globe that they need to transform with the use of digital technologies, wherein the faster and more agile among them will ensure survival.

The Chairman of the National Tech Association of Malaysia (Pikom) stated that certain people, especially business communities, have to move forward and embrace the changes that are taking place before them.

He noted that technology will be at the core of this transformation of businesses and society; interaction in social spaces, in business communications, and in dealing with the government will change. “It does not look like the COVID-19 situation will leave us anytime soon, there is only but one way to address it. We must find ways to adapt, live with the situation, and work around the challenges for us to move forward,” the Chairman said in his welcoming remarks at the virtual Pikom Digital Summit 2021 on 19 May 2021.

Meanwhile, Organising Chair of Pikom Digital Summit 2021 noted that the event focused on engaging the tech industry through thought leadership, trends and insights to spur innovation, adoption of new technologies, and new business models in elevating the ICT (information and communications technology) growth in Malaysia.

The official said that digitalisation is here to stay and will continue to evolve, and while it was evolving even before the pandemic it is now important to recognise what needs to be done and make sure that no one is left behind.

Pikom as the leading tech association continues to have the conversation in various areas of technology and digital environment for the country. Industry topics like cyber security, data analytics, AI (artificial intelligence) and GBS (global business services) will be the focus for the four-part series of this year’s Digital Summit, he added.

Pikom Digital Summit 2021 (Virtual Conference Series) organised by Pikom will be held in four series from May to July 2021, comprising three Pikom Flagship events, namely Pikom Leadership Summit (PLS), Future of Cybersecurity Summit (FOCS), and GBS Summit.

The PLS is a C-Level (high ranking executive) event engaging the tech industry through thought leadership, trends and insights to spur innovation, adoption of new technologies, and new business models in elevating the ICT growth in Malaysia.

The FOCS is a platform initiative by the Pikom Cybersecurity Chapter to address cyber threats and issues of compliance faced by organisations where local and regional experts will share insights and best practices to overcome cyber threats.

GBS summit is an exclusive event brought by Outsourcing Malaysia, a chapter of Pikom that explores an abundance of issues and opportunities in the global business services industry, ranging from strategies to tactics, across regions, industries and technologies.

MDEC confident digital economy will continue to grow

In the same vein, OpenGov Asia recently reported that the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) welcomed the Ministry of Finance’s (MOF) 2021 first-quarter GDP report which saw better performance than previous quarters with key economic indicators showing improvement.

MDEC reiterated its commitment to strengthening its working relationship with various ministries and agencies especially in the digital economy sector which has shown strong growth in this new norm.

It will continue to play an active role in boosting the country’s competitiveness by enhancing digitalisation initiatives and digital skills of the workforce in line with the government’s five key focus areas to drive the nation’s recovery.

This is being implemented through various initiatives to drive digital adoption for micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) as well as to improve the digital skills of the people through public-private partnership programs which include the Premier Digital Technology Institution (PDTI), Industrial Skills Framework (IndSF), Digital Skills Training Directory for working professionals and a data technology collaboration program with technology giants.

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