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PolyU SignS MoU to Drive HK’s Advanced Manufacturing Industry

Image Credits: PolyU, Press Release

To further deepen their collaboration, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) and a not-for-profit chamber of commerce in Hong Kong announced the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MoU) recently. The MoU aims to integrate the strengths of the academy and industry, cultivate more innovation and technology (I&T) talents for Hong Kong in the future and drive the application of the results of PolyU’s research on various industries to facilitate the knowledge transfer and industrialisation, contributing to the development of I&T and advanced manufacturing of the city, and promote the brand image of “Made in Hong Kong”.

To complement the development of the country, PolyU has recently established the largest interdisciplinary research platform in Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area – the PolyU Academy for Interdisciplinary Research (PAIR) to further foster interdisciplinary research and advance the development of an international innovation hub.

PolyU will organise seminars with the not-for-profit company through PAIR on a regular basis to explore the development and opportunities of different industries and listen to their views. Leveraging PolyU’s research results in various scientific technology areas, the two will enable the transformation of traditional manufacturing industry, give impetus to the development of Hong Kong’s advanced manufacturing, and complement the country’s intense implementation of the strategy of “manufacturing-strong nation” with licensed patents and advanced technologies.

PAIR will drive the development of advanced manufacturing industries and strategic emerging industries, including biotechnology, new energy, new materials, high-end equipment and new energy vehicles, with the help of innovative technologies.

The President of PolyU said that ramping up the cooperation between the two parties would further drive innovation and technology in Hong Kong, promote the development of advanced manufacturing industry and strategic emerging industries, and speed up the process of developing the city into an international I&T hub.

The President of the not-for-profit company stated that the MoU reflects that industry and academia are determined to accelerate the development of re-industrialisation and I&T. He said through the partnership will see the two jointly creating a more vibrant ecosystem, advancing the city’s technological development and bringing more positive impacts to various industries.

Through the regular sharing activities held by both parties, the University’s scientific research technology and the PolyU-nurtured start-ups have been thoroughly introduced to the members of the company. In addition to supporting technology transfer and expansion to more areas, these knowledge exchange activities have also opened the collaboration among PolyU’s research teams and start-ups, on the one hand, and the firm and its members in other areas.

Moreover, a start-up founded by Professor ZHENG Zijian of PolyU School of Fashion and Textiles will join efforts with the firm’s Pilot Manufacturing Support Center of CMA Testing to apply the flexible Textile Lithium Battery developed by Prof. Zheng on construction work clothes so as to broaden the application of wearable electronics.

Since its establishment, PolyU has been working closely with the commercial and industrial sectors in Hong Kong. The University has developed a reputation within the manufacturing industry with its numerous contributions. By leveraging on the not-for-profit company’s advantages, PolyU is working to encourage corporates to invest in research and development in Hong Kong, advance in translation and commercialisation of PolyU’s research results, and develop manufacturing with high added value.

Combining I&T with industry will drive the development of advanced manufacturing in Hong Kong, promote the brand image of “Made in Hong Kong”, and make significant contributions to the establishment of the international I&T hub.

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