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PUB Singapore installs first batch of smart shower devices

PUB Singapore installs first batch of smart shower devices

PUB, Singapore’s National Water Agency, has installed
the first batch of smart shower devices in 300 houses at West Rock@Bukit Batok.
In October 2017, PUB revealed
plans to install smart shower devices for 10,000 Built-to-Order (BTO) homes by
end 2019 under the Smart Shower Programme. Two companies, Amphiro AG, and Smart
and Blue have been appointed for the same.

The latest PUB study on water consumption in 2016/2017 has
shown that showering constitutes the highest water usage in a household.

The smart shower devices will provide residents with
real-time information on water usage during showers. They can also set water
conservation goals and monitor their water usage history via a mobile

Following West Rock@Batok, the devices will be installed
progressively in new developments such as Meadow Spring, Toa Payoh Apex and
Buangkok Park Vista. Families who have opted for sanitary fittings under
the Housing &
Development Board’s (HDB) Optional Component Scheme will get the

The smart shower devices that they will receive features a
numerical display showing the amount of water used when the showerhead is
turned on. Later this year, PUB will deploy a different device for other BTO
projects. Instead of a numerical display, the device will display colour codes
on the showerhead to indicate varying consumption levels. 

PUB launched the Smart Shower Programme following
encouraging results from a trial conducted in 2015 with 500 households. Results
showed that households could save about 5 litres of water per person per day
during showers, when provided with real-time water usage information coupled with optimal goal setting. This can potentially help
households save approximately 3% of their monthly water usage. 

The entire
smart shower demonstration project, from device deployment to data analysis, is
expected to take at least three years. Members of the public who are interested
to use these devices are encouraged to purchase them online.

PUB Director of Water Supply Network, Ridzuan Ismail,
explained, “If we can motivate behavioural changes in shower habits by
providing real-time information, there is potential to achieve water savings.”

“We want to study the results of using such devices, and see
if it can be adopted on a larger scale in future. This would also encourage
suppliers to improve the features of existing devices in the market, and
leverage economies of scale to provide customers with more options for such
devices in future,” he added. 

press release quoted a new resident of West Rock@Bukit Batok, Caroline Huang,
“As we move into our new home, we are keen to try out the device to see if it
can help us monitor our water use during showers and save water. Water is a
precious resource, and we hope to do our part in using water wisely.” 

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