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With access to systems and middleware infrastructure in the cloud, the onerous task of application development and deployment is streamlined. Applications use only the resources they need, and organizations pay only for what they use—an agile model that promises to provide economies of scale, accelerate the creation of new applications, and maximize ongoing portability and flexibility.

With a cloud computing approach, government spends less time managing complex it and more time investing in the mission.

This whitepaper aims to make sense of cloud computing for government audiences that haven’t been deeply involved in the details of its rapid evolution. It lays out the capabilities and characteristics of a cloud computing infrastructure and how this can be achieved using existing IT investments, without vendor lock-in.

It discusses how these features translate into significant potential for government agencies. It also describes how open choice and application portability in the cloud and the relationships between technology providers are critical to building a cloud that government agencies can take advantage of…

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