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Red Hat JBoss Middleware [OG Partner]

Government innovation isn’t an oxymoron. Agencies at every level of government are responding to expanding mission requirements and rising citizen expectations by developing new applications and services that take advantage of mobile, cloud, data analytics, and other emerging technologies. They are also looking for ways to automate processes, so they can work smarter and deliver services more efficiently, despite constrained budgets.

But today’s applications and services, and the ways they are consumed, are significantly different than in the past. They must be adaptable and integrate with new and existing applications more efficiently. They must be developed faster, and seamlessly scale across heterogeneous environments that include physical, virtual, mobile, and cloud resources. Unfortunately, the middleware infrastructure used in the past is simply not agile, productive, or cost-effective enough to deliver on these new requirements, causing many agencies to struggle in their efforts to streamline operations and improve services.

Download: Red Hat JBoss Middleware

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