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Refreshed Singpass reflects improved services and drives digital innovations with private sector

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Singpass now offers access to more than 1,400 everyday services and empowers close to 200 private sector organisations

The Government Technology Agency (GovTech) announced the refreshed Singpass brand identity, the first in 18 years, with a new logo that marks its evolution of becoming Singapore’s trusted national digital identity. Today, Singpass offers residents greater convenience and accessibility when transacting with the Government and private sector, both online and in person.

In the last three years, more than 10 features have been added to Singpass. From the introduction of the Singpass app in October 2018 to new features such as Digital IC, Face Verification and digital signing, Singpass has been evolving and now powers more than 1,400 services offered by over 340 public and private sector organisations. Its user base has also grown significantly. Of the 4 million residents on Singpass, more than 2.5 million users are on the Singpass app with over 90% of them using the app at least once a month. The Singpass app is also one of the most downloaded apps in Singapore in 2020 and has tripled its user base in the past year.

Singpass has also played an important role in the fight against Covid-19. Besides supporting contact tracing efforts with SafeEntry check-ins via the Singpass app, transactions facilitated by Singpass last year doubled to over 170 million transactions as more people turned to digital transactions during the pandemic.

Singpass is even better now
A new look for an improved Singpass

New Singpass logo

The new Singpass logo features a logomark ‘i’ that represents both a human silhouette and keyhole, reflecting the Government’s twin focus to provide citizen-centric digital services while ensuring security and trust in our national digital identity platform. The logo retains Singpass’ iconic red and black colours with a modern typeface. It signifies the continuity of Singpass services to meet the needs of residents and businesses in an increasingly digitalised society. The new logo will be updated on the Singpass website and app from 7 March 2021. At the heart of this rebrand is to deliver “an even better Singpass” that offers new features and provides convenient access to a larger range of services.

Co-creating innovative solutions with the industry

Businesses and agencies can tap on Singpass’ application programming interfaces (APIs) to enable access or create new value-added services for Singapore residents. The open APIs can be easily integrated with services of organisations, big or small, to enhance customer experiences and improve business efficiency. For example, the use of Singpass for customer logins removes the need for organisations to maintain their own authentication platforms and users can avoid the hassle of managing many different sets of credentials.

Access to more everyday services across sectors

Residents can use Singpass to access more services across sectors – ranging from banking and insurance to healthcare and charities – and conveniently retrieve their personal information, digitally sign documents and remotely authorise transactions on their Singpass app, without using passwords. Digitalising everyday transactions saves time for both residents and businesses as users no longer have to submit hardcopy documents and streamlined processes result in quicker approvals for applications.

Beyond digital transactions, the Digital IC has also been launched in the Singpass app since September 2020 to offer users an alternative method of identity verification, for example scanning their Digital IC barcode at kiosks located in libraries and polyclinics.

Secure transactions with a trusted digital identity

Transactions are safer with the use of cryptographic technology in Singpass, which provides higher assurance of authenticity and integrity, and facilitates non-repudiability in digital transactions. Singpass users are issued identity certificates by the National Certification Authority, as a means of authenticating a person’s identity for greater identity assurance. For instance, when digitally signing a document using the Singpass app, the signature is cryptographically linked to the user and validated at the point of signing, minimising the risk of fraud.

Easy to use for everyone

To ensure Singpass services are easily accessible, key transactional pages on the Singpass website and app will be made available in Singapore’s four official languages by end of this year. More authentication methods have also been introduced to make digital transactions fuss-free for everyone. Users without smartphones can authenticate easily by receiving One-Time Passwords via SMS or with a quick scan of their face using Face Verification on web browsers or at kiosks. These features enable users without mobile devices to continue accessing services with ease.

Kwok Quek Sin, Senior Director for National Digital Identity at GovTech, said, “From Myinfo to Singpass app, Face Verification, digital signing and more, we are heartened by the strong adoption from both Singapore residents and businesses in the past few years, and will continue to roll out new products and features on the national digital identity platform.”

“With this brand refresh, we want to ensure that Singpass continues to deliver value, while developing digital capabilities necessary for the growth of a trusted digital ecosystem. The new brand offers an exciting glimpse into the possibilities and future of our Smart Nation – one that is enabled by the trusted national digital identity, a platform which we can rely on for all of our transactions.”

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