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Regulatory test lab set up in Malaysia

With the growing electronic connectedness that the world is seeing today comes the increased complexity of testing. The considerable number of potential emitters of electromagnetic interference (EMI) in autonomous cars, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, and 5G phones require new tests to new standards.

The pressure to pass compliance testing and receive certification has never been greater. Faster testing and faster troubleshooting are increasing in demand.

Engineers are required to deal with the complexities of electromagnetic compliance (EMC) requirements because of the side effects of closely spaced electronic devices. They must evaluate their designs for quality and functional safety by meeting or exceeding regulations.

Thus, to accelerate EMC testing that produces accurate and repeatable results, a US-based electronic company has opened a new Regulatory Test Laboratory in Penang, Malaysia.

The Lab aims to deliver accredited EMC testing services for manufacturers of electronic devices and mission-critical industries across wireless communications, IIoT, automotive, healthcare and medical applications.

The VP of the firm’s Service Portfolio stated that on average, 40% of first-time compliance tests fail. The failure to pass a compliance test causes a minimum delay of three to four weeks.

With its EMC Test Lab and EMC test experts, companies can jump-start their schedule by validating their EUT (equipment under test) to standards and regulations earlier in the design process. The firm’s experts know why and how to make measurements.

The firm’s compliance and testing laboratories around the world and now in Asia, offer expertise and emerging technologies that can help our customers validate designs and accelerate time to production.

Ambient-free measurement environment

The Regulatory Test Lab in Penang is located in Malaysia’s high-tech industry centre and is equipped with a state-of-the-art 10-metre semi-anechoic chamber, which provides an ambient-free measurement environment with a dual-antenna system.

The fully automated door allows easy access to bring larger products and even vehicles inside the chamber.

The facility also uses CISP- compliant highspeed PXE with time-domain scan functionality and state-of-the-art software, providing fast, accurate testing.

Furthermore, it generates fast and accurate automated test reports, which is in contrast with 90% of test houses that struggle to generate good-quality test report.

Engineers often spend up to two months finalising the report after completing a test.

Other benefits that the Regulatory Test Laboratory deliver, include:

  • Engineers and technicians who can review EMC test plans, testing and standard operating procedures, to help ensure that testing is performed correctly the first time.
  • Tailored testing solutions to help customers meet deadlines with state-of-the-art software automation that enhances process efficiency, analyses results and reduces testing cycles, resulting in reduced test costs.
  • Proven technologies that help ensure equipment conform to regulations and standards with pre-compliance/compliance testing and certifications.

The President of Keysight’s electronic industrial solutions group stated that they are committed to helping customers with their comprehensive solutions, even during difficult times.

The company recognises that COVID-19 is creating a variety of challenges for existing and new manufacturing customers, and believe that this facility, and the myriad of services it can provide, will support these customers through even the most demanding situations.

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