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Result of COP21: Leaders embrace Technology for Climate Change Solutions

Result of COP21 Leaders embrace Technology for Climate Change Solutions

This Saturday, 196 countries agreed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in order to alleviate global warming and hence curb climate change.. This was done in the 21st session of the Conference Of Parties (COP21)

The COP  is the governing body of an international convention intended to review the adoption of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change  (UNFCCC). The COP has formulated significant treaties related to climate change including the Kyoto Protocol .

This year, COP21 has formulated the Paris Agreement which was treaty agreed upon by almost 196 countries worldwide .The treaty primarily includes a  commitment to the immediate reduction of carbon output.

Sustainable technologies will be key in fulfilling this agreement.

As we previously reported, COP21 welcomed the initiation of two ambitious programmes, Mission Innovation and the Global Solar Alliance. Each of these recognises the importance of innovation in defending against the greater threat of climate change.

In February, the United Nations reported in its website that 2014 represented the hottest year recorded, amidst rising global warming ends.

Global warming has fast become a rising concern in climate change issues . It has inevitably brought upon various economic, social and environmental implications to nations worldwide.

The agreement naturally calls for nations to transit to sustainable technologies in order to reduce usage of fossil fuels.

Janos Pasztor, the United Nations Assistant Secretary-General on Climate Change said, ‘’The plan is designed to send a strong signal to the markets, the private sector, that this is the direction we are going, to a low-carbon, low-emissions world, so investing in new technology is the way to go."

Mr Pasztor also stated that cost reductions of renewable energy sources  including solar and wind power should be accelerated. Several renewable energy innovations have been underway recently. This includes the tidal power project in Scotland.

Currently, a tidal-power project is under way at offshore Scotland, as engineers work to tap the immense energy potential of the global ocean.

This is an excellent example of sustainable renewable energy. Unlike wind and solar power, the harness of technology does not depend on independent factors like sunny days or wind presence.

Through the Paris Agreement, members committed to reduce their carbon output as soon as possible and keep global warming to well below 2 degrees Celsius. Several innovations are expected to be up and running in the coming years in order to fulfill this agreement.

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