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Safety app for drone users from Civil Aviation Safety Authority Australia

Safety app for drone users from Civil Aviation Safety Authority Australia

Civil Aviation Safety Authority in Australia has launched a new safety App to inform drone users of safety regulations and help them identify no-fly zones.

The mobile app’s “Can I fly there” section displays information about the safety regulations to help drone operators fly safely and responsibly.

The app shows no-fly zones and fly with caution zones for drones operated in the under two kilogram commercial category. This information can also be used as guide for recreational flyers, identifying no-fly zones around major airports, the flight paths of smaller airports, helicopter landing areas, and restricted and military airspace.

There is increasing adoption of drones  in a variety of industries such as agriculture, mining, infrastructure assessment, search and rescue, fire and policing operations, aerial mapping and scientific research. In all these areas, they can potentially improve productivity, reduce costs, and improve workplace safety, but must be operated safely.

The Hon Darren Chester, Minister for Infrastructure and Transport said, “The Government is committed to fostering an environment that ensures the operation of drones are conducted safely, whilst also facilitating growth and innovation in the use of this exciting technology in Australia.”

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