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Scholarships to Boost the Number of Women in IoT

Australia Scholarships for Women to Master Internet of Things

The City of Greater Bendigo, in Australia, has made a commitment to fund six scholarships over the next three years in order for women to study the new Master of Internet of Things (IoT).

As reported, Australia Scholarships for Women to Master Internet of Things will be supporting female students who will be studying the Australian-first course, which is available at the Bendigo campus of La Trobe University in 2020.


The University’s Head of Campus, Mr Robert Stephenson, explained that the scholarships were aimed at boosting the number of women who specialise in the tech industry’s fastest-growing sector.

The Internet of Things is emerging as key to future efficiency and competitiveness with all types of industry – so much so that recruiters cannot keep up with the demand for experts.

Similar to other science and tech-related industries, the Internet of Things sector attracts far fewer women than men.

Having this innovative new course, as well as initiatives that fund education like these scholarships, provide an opportunity to address some of the inequalities.

In addition, these will entice more women into an exciting career that specialises in IoT.

City of Greater Bendigo Director Strategy and Growth Bernie O’Sullivan shared that the scholarships were part of the Council’s commitment to the ongoing Internet of Things partnership between the City and the University.

Benefits of Scholarships for Women to Master Internet of Things

With talent from all over Australia and the world converging in Bendigo to study this new degree, it will provide fantastic opportunities for the city to work in partnership, which will address all kinds of civic problems using IoT.

Diversity provides greatly improved outcomes, more creativity and new innovations and ideas that otherwise may not have come to the fore.

Moreover, this is incredibly important in addressing the problems that the cities and regions are facing in the coming years and beyond.

About the Initiative

Two scholarships will support students to study at La Trobe’s Bendigo campus in 2020, with the remaining four being offered in 2021 and 2022.

Applicants can be Australian citizens or international students and must have completed an Australian Bachelor Degree (or its equivalent) with tertiary level subjects in mathematics, calculus or discrete maths.

The Master of Internet of Things will stand to meet the need for skilled IoT professionals particularly since smart technology, IoT, and connectivity are reshaping the world.

The course combines technical knowledge with practical learning opportunities. It will also provide students with the chance to help connect IoT technology to the world.

Students will also develop advanced programming and systems design skills as well as discover the key components of IoT, including platforms, protocols and protection.

They can learn the following:

  1. IoT cloud data

Discover how cloud data can be used as tool for brainstorming and informed decision making.

  1. Industry impact of IoT technology

Learn how IoT can be used to improve and innovate sectors like healthcare, construction and mining.

  1. IoT programming and systems design

Work with IoT technology first-hand and produce a prototype IoT solution or system for a real-world industry partner.

  1. Security protocols and privacy risks

Gain an understanding of IoT security and privacy risks by analysing the design of secure hardware and software.

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