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Science in Public Service (SIPS) forum to be held from July to October 2018

Science in Public Service SIPS forum to be held from July to October 2018
Science in Public Service (SIPS) forum to be held from July to October 2018

The “Science in the Public Service” (SIPS) is
a joint campaign organised by government
bureaux and departments. The forum and lecture series will be hosting various
other organisations and high-level
leaders and experts in the extensive fields of Science and Technology. The
campaign consists of a series of public forums and talks on the theme “Science
for Smart City”. The forums will be conducted in Cantonese and attendance is
free of charge. However, seating is on a first-come-first-served
basis. Organisers urge citizens to attend the forums to gain awareness of and knowledge
about the latest developments and discoveries in the fields of science and
technology, among others. Science in Public Service (SIPS) 2018 aims to better
understand the scientific work of Hong Kong’s numerous government departments
and provide a platform for relevant organizations as well as leading experts
and researchers network with partners.

The campaign, which commenced on 7 July
2018, began with the first topic of discussion being the Smart
City Blueprint for Hong Kong
. The plenary speakers were Mr Anthony Chan, Systems Manager, Office of the
Government Chief Information Office and Ms
Janice Tang, Assistant Systems Manager, Office of the Government Chief
Information Officer. Next, the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Ubiquitous
Network Society were examined and
showcased by Mr Sidney Tsan, Principal
Regulatory Affairs Manager, Office of the Communications Authority. The first
day of the campaign ended with Miss Tong Chui Shan, Sandy, Senior Landscape
Architect, Highways Department and Mr Wong
Cheuk Him, Jason, Landscape Architect, Highways Department speaking about the
Proactive Rejuvenation of Senescent Acacia Slopes along Highways in Hong Kong.    

The next forum event on the docket is
scheduled to be held on 28 July 2018, wherein the Application of Remote Sensing
Technology in Geotechnical and Geological Studies will be reported on by Mr Leung Wai Kin, Geotechnical Engineer, Civil
Engineering, and Development Department.
Later in the day, a forum on the impact of climate change on Hong Kong will be chaired by Mr Sham Fu Cheung, Chief Experimental Officer, Hong Kong
Observatory. Finally, Mr Wong Wai Kin, Senior
Scientific Officer, Hong Kong Observatory and Mr
Lau Po Wing, Stephen, Scientific Officer, Hong Kong Observatory will deliver a
talk on Micro-climate Observations to Urban Weather Forecasting.    

The Science in Public Service (SIPS) 2018
is scheduled to end on 14 October 2018. It
will consist of six other forum dates. These are
12 August, 18 August, 15 September, 22 September, 13 October and, as mentioned
earlier, the last date, 14 October.

The last day of SIPS 2018 will include a
forum entitled ‘Food Safety in a Smart City in the Face of Climate Change’ and
will be presented by Dr Tang Shiu Ping,
Anna, Scientific Officer, Centre for Food Safety, Food and Environmental
Hygiene Department.

The government of Hong Kong organises the SIPS forum to engage the public
audience of Hong Kong and spread awareness about on-going scientific studies.
Additionally, the aim of SIPS is to share and celebrate the various
ground-breaking and exciting discoveries made by the numerous Hong Kong
government departments.

The Science in Public Service campaign
works in collaboration with almost all the main departments and bureaux of Hong
Kong’s government including the Development Bureau,
, Education
and the Innovation and Technology Commission
among numerous others.

Two of the fourteen collaborating organisations are The British Council and The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

Other than the forum and lecture series,
Science in Public Service will be organising
Hands-on Workshops
in October and December, as well as Site Visits from
September to December.

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