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Security at the Speed of Your Network

As the volume and speed of network data increases, security tools are unable to keep up, resulting in security tool sprawl, performance degradation, inefficiencies and unnecessary expenditures. All of this leads to increased time to threat detection and response and a higher risk of a breach – despite massive spending on security tools.

The solution is to build an efficient network security architecture that copes with increasing network speeds today and in the future, improving the return on investment of security tools while reducing complexity, cost and tool overload across physical, virtual or cloud infrastructure. This is accomplished by using the architectural approach of a next-generation network packet broker designed for security to enable the deployment of a diverse set of security solutions as a centralized security tool farm – significantly reducing associated overhead, complexity and costs.

This white paper will examine the security issues introduced by more data over faster networks, how an architectural approach can solve those challenges and introduces the GigaSECURE® Security Delivery Platform, the leading next-generation network packet broker purpose-built for security tools to work more efficiently across physical, virtual and cloud environments.


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