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Singapore announces winners of 5G Call for Proposal Provisional award

At the close of the 5G Call for Proposal on 17 February 2020, IMDA received a total of three submissions – one each from Singtel Mobile Singapore Pte Ltd, and TPG Telecom Pte Ltd, and a joint-submission from StarHub Mobile Pte Ltd and M1 Limited.

Singapore on track to having nationwide 5G coverage by 2025

The Infocomm Media Development Authority announced yesterday, 29 April, Singtel Mobile Singapore Pte Ltd and the Joint-Venture Consortium formed by StarHub Mobile Pte Ltd and M1 Limited as the winners of its 5G Call for Proposal (CFP) Provisional Award.

The mobile sector worldwide is continuing to invest in network improvements, in order to enhance its service offerings. Both the regulators and the telecoms industry globally are racing towards the deployment of 5th generation mobile networks, more commonly known as 5G. And Singapore is still on track to be able to deliver this as planned.

Minister for Communications and Information Mr S Iswaran gave a virtual media doorstop on the provisional award yesterday evening. The Minister underlined Singapore’s commitment to forging ahead with its vision to have a world-class, secure and resilient 5G ecosystem, and said that Singapore is on track to have nationwide 5G coverage by 2025.

“Amid today’s COVID-19 challenges, the investments in Singapore’s 5G infrastructure underscore long-term business confidence in our economy, and will ready us for the eventual recovery to build a thriving digital future for our people, businesses and industries” Said Mr S Iswaran

“On the Government’s part, we will continue to co-invest with the industry to advance resilient, secure and innovative 5G solutions and use cases that will position us for growth in the Digital Economy, and sharpen our competitive edge as a key trading and connectivity hub.”

COVID-19 has highlighted the need for digital transformation and connectivity

The Minister also added that COVID-19 has almost reinforced the importance of digital transformation and connectivity.

“I would add, that in an ironic kind of way, this coronavirus situation has actually enhanced the salience of such infrastructure. Because, if you look at the extent to which at the economic level, at the social level, and at the educational level, we are relying on digital and connectivity infrastructure, so that life can continue to the best extent possible.”

“Then I think the significance of infrastructure like 5G, and the kind of capabilities and new possibilities that it offers, takes on added salience and significance. So I would actually argue that in fact, it might push in favour of doing more and quicker, rather than less. Because that will be, for whichever network you are talking about, a differentiating factor and a competitive advantage.”

Singapore is expected to have two full-fledged standalone 5G networks covering more than half the island by end-2022, with deployments to begin this year. Full island-wide coverage is expected by 2025 and operators of the two nationwide networks will have to provide wholesale services to other operators.

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