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Singapore CFE Sub-Committee on Future of Connectivity addresses how to strengthen network of connections globally

Singapore CFE Sub Committee on Future of Connectivity addresses how to strengthen network of connections globally

Singapore’s Committee on Future Economy was established last year to create separate dialogues on how to position Singapore at the top of the future economy.

This past week the Sub-Committee on the Future of Connectivity, chaired by Mr Chan Chun Sing, Minister, Prime Minister’s Office, and Secretary-General of the National Trades Union Congress, convened to discuss how Singapore can strengthen its extensive network of connections to create opportunities across the entire globe.

The Sub-Committee, derived of public and private sector representatives of various background, explored different ways in which Singapore could improve connectivity in the domains of aviation, maritime, finance, and trade hubs.

This will help to encourage innovation and the development of new solutions to boost the Singapore economy.

Minister Chan Chun Sing elaborated on how the digital economy of Singapore will drive substantial growth for the country.

“In addition to discussing how Singapore could continue to remain as aviation and maritime hubs, members also discussed ways to reinforce Singapore’s status as a digital harbour to facilitate information flow, and to strengthen our connectivity to global financial networks to allow free movement of capital and business flows across borders,” stated Minister Chan Chun Sing on his Facebook page, “There was broad agreement that we need to take advantage of the sharing economy, including adapting our regulations and rules to facilitate its growth.”

As Steve Leonard recently mentioned, one of the long reach goals of Smart Nation Programme is to produce ‘pervasive connectivity’. Only then will Singapore be able to truly function in an intelligent fashion.

The Sub-Committee on the Future of Connectivity is tasked with finding ways and opportunities for the country to achieve this goal. Although it is ambitious and challenging to reach such an expectation, the sub-committee is confident that it will work to find the proper way to go about it.

“I’m excited by some of the ideas the members came up with. Together we will identify the forms of connectivity vital to our future economy, and recommend strategies that will strengthen such connectivity in order for Singapore to remain economically and geopolitically relevant,” Minister Chan Chun Sing said, “The outcome of this is to create meaningful jobs in the future that fulfil the aspirations of our people.”

Image from Chan Chun Sing Facebook Page

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