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Singapore Encourages a Tech-Savvy Generation

The ICT market in Singapore is among the most developed in the world, and its people are among the most technologically savvy. It continues to investigate innovation frontiers like artificial intelligence (AI), cloud/quantum computing, data analytics, and other technologies that could aid its digital economy.

The country has built a top-tier, globally competitive technology sector and encourages the young ones, especially the children to be involved in tech-related activities that could ignite a lifetime interest in any technological programme. With this, GovTech Singapore has promoted some tech activities to keep the young ones entertained -a good investment for their time and effort.

Although coding expertise is in high demand right now on the job market, it’s not all work and no play. For kids of various ages, there are numerous learning facilities offering coding training. Even better, there is a lot of free educational content available online.

The Singapore Science Centre offers opportunities for parents and kids to operate drones and rovers alike. The kids’ ability to pilot over a variety of obstacles in a specially built arena that combines indoor and outdoor aspects will be tested at the Drone-Rover area.

It’s another thing to comprehend how 3D printing works and how this technology can be used in a variety of medical settings. The Science Centre offers a wide variety of 3D printing workshops, but before signing up, make sure to ask the organiser whether there is a minimum age requirement. This is because 3D printing uses machinery that needs to be handled carefully.

investigating robotic arms that can solve Rubik’s cubes and dance when programmed. Beyond robots, the Smart Nation Playscape includes other toys. Get a thorough tech immersion with exhibitions covering, among other things, biometrics, blockchain, AI, sensors, geospatial technology, and user experience.

Children can discover how technology is increasingly driving daily city life after being awed by the model buildings forming a miniature rendering of Singapore’s landscape at the Smart Nation Cityscape, including supporting the planning of towns and amenities and being embedded in the infrastructure.

For the public to learn more about Singapore’s tech projects and digital government services, a 12m long truck equipped with interactive game stations is being used as part of the Smart Nation Builder travelling roadshow.

SPF Anti-Scam Games: ‘Scambat’ and ‘Scam Me If You Can’

The Singapore Police Force (SPF) is always looking for novel approaches to educate the public about fraud. Recently, they introduced two new games tag as “ScamBat” and “Scam Me If You Can,” which are meant to increase their touchpoints and effectively build the bonds between SPF and the public, notably the younger generations, through engaging and educational activities.

“ScamBat” was created in collaboration with students from Singapore Polytechnic’s Media, Arts & Design School. It is an analogue card game for many players that exposes participants to various scams. All elementary, secondary, and tertiary schools, polytechnics, and universities will receive copies across the entire island.

Through the planned physical outreach and engagement initiatives of the Neighbourhood Police Centres (NPCs), the public will also obtain the “ScamBat” set.

On “Scam Me If You Can,” on the other hand, is a five-minute single-player game played on a mobile touchscreen kiosk. Players can power up by taking anti-scam quizzes while they swipe to match tiles and earn points. Players have a chance to win a secret prize from the machine after passing the tests.

For a month, SPF will simultaneously deploy two kiosks in two distinct public areas with substantial foot traffic before moving to the following two places.

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