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Singapore government launches more digital resources to keep public updated on COVID-19

The Singapore government announced the launch of two new media platforms – Gov.sg Telegram and Twitter on Thursday 2 April 2020. These platforms have been set up to complement its other digital media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp to offer more options citizens to get information on COVID-19.

Currently the Ministry of Communications and Information uses Gov.sg social media and online channels to share important COVID-19 messages to the public at relevant times, including updates on cases, messages on misinformation as well as advice on good hygiene practices and social responsibility.

The purpose of launching further online platforms is to ensure updates are available on as many platforms as possible and reaches as many citizens as possible. The Ministry of Communications and Information will launch a new Gov.sg Telegram channel and a refresh of the Gov.sg Twitter channel . These channels will share the same COVID-19 messages as what can be found on the Gov.sg WhatsApp channel.

Minister for Communications and Information, Mr Iswaran said: “In a crisis such as COVID-19, it is important to broaden access to information across as many platforms as possible to reach the public with reliable, clear and timely information. We need the public to know what they need to do, respond calmly and do the right thing, as we collectively fight this COVID-19 outbreak.”

Digital channels for Singapore Citizens to access COVID-19 updates and information

Gov.sg WhatsApp

The Gov.sg WhatsApp channel send daily COVID-19 updates in the four official languages of Singapore. The WhatsApp group has increased from 7,000 subscribers to over 900,000 subscribers in the past 10 weeks, as the COVID-19 situation has evolved.

The Gov.sg WhatsApp signup form has been enhanced to allow secure authentication using SingPass. This will enable Singaporeans outside Singapore and without a local number to subscribe to the Gov.sg WhatsApp channel and be kept updated about COVID-19 developments in Singapore.

Gov.sg COVID-19 website

The public can also access the Gov.sg COVID-19 website (go.gov.sg/covid-19) for articles, videos and resources on how they can protect themselves from the virus. Daily updates about the latest cases, and clarifications of misinformation are also available.

Ministry of Communications and Information aims to ensure important messages reach all segments of society

The Ministry of Communications and Information has developed a multi-platform, multi-language and multi-format approach to ensure that important information reaches different segments of Singaporean society. These include the wide range of online platforms such as websites, social media sites and WhatsApp. This is to ensure relevance for diverse audiences and tailored content to keep younger and older Singaporeans informed about COVID-19 developments.

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