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Singapore Government to focus on five key platforms to enhance citizen and business life

One year into the implementation of the Digital Government Blueprint (DGB) – first launched in June 2018 – citizens and businesses have expressed greater satisfaction with government digital services Annual Digital Government Perception Survey for Citizens and Businesses 2018.

The Government’s progress in implementing the DGB and the focus for FY2019 were announced by GovTech at the annual Smart Nation and Digital Government Industry Briefing themed “Engineering Digital Government; Making Lives Better” this morning.

Over the past year, the Government has rolled out more digital services that are integrated around citizens and businesses’ needs, and built common platforms to enable more seamless delivery of digital government services. Some of the new products launched include Moments of Life, SingPass Mobile and Parents Gateway for citizens and Networked Trade Platform and MyInfo Business for businesses.

Delivering secure, seamless and easy-to-use digital services through five platforms

Mr Kok Ping Soon, Chief Executive, GovTech, said: “Citizens and businesses are more satisfied with our government digital services, but there is still room for improvement as we progress towards meeting the DGB targets by 2023. In FY19, with our focus on the five key technology platforms, there are many opportunities for public agencies to collaborate with the industry, especially the SMEs, in using technology to improve the lives of citizens, serve businesses better, and provide effective and convenient public services. We are heartened that there is a growing pool of SMEs that have stepped up and embraced technology, and we will continue to work with them to uplift their capabilities while helping us build a Smart Nation and Digital Government.”

The Government will focus on developing five platforms that are key to meeting the DGB outcomes. These are: Singapore Government Technology Stack (SGTS); National Digital Identity (NDI); Smart Nation Sensor Platform (SNSP); Moments of Life (MOL); and Adaptive Digital Workplace (ADWP) for public officers.

The SGTS is a technology stack that enables public agencies to design, develop and deploy digital services more quickly and securely. The stack is a “digital backbone” of reusable, interoperable and scalable micro-services and digital infrastructure. Together with greater use of the commercial cloud and cloud-native services, agencies will spend less time to build better digital products for citizens and businesses;

NDI is a digital credential for users to transact with Government and businesses using a single trusted digital identity. Industry can make use of the NDI to build new services and improve the security and user experience of existing services. By the third quarter of FY19, the Government will launch “SG-Verify”, a facility for businesses to perform secure identity verification and data transfer through QR scanning. This will provide businesses an alternative for visitor registration and access, customer acquisition at roadshows, or any other use cases that require identification;

SNSP is a nationwide sensor platform to help public agencies enhance situational awareness and provide more pre-emptive and responsive services to citizens by collecting, sharing and analysing data. The Lamppost-as-a-Platform trial will commence in the third quarter of FY19 in one-north and Geylang. The trial will assess the efficacy of leveraging lampposts to provide connectivity to and power various kinds of sensors, by testing out use cases that support municipal, mobility and security domains.

MOL is the integration of different government services, to be delivered to the citizen around a specific moment in his or her life. MOL was first launched in June 2018 for families of young children below six years old. By the third quarter of FY19, Moments of Life will be expanded to include new services that cater to other key life stages, for example in helping seniors lead active and engaged lives.

The ADWP is an enabling digital platform for public officers to work more productively and collaborate better with other officers. As part of the public sector’s shift to commercial cloud, cloud-based Microsoft 365 suite of products will be progressively rolled out starting from second quarter of FY19.

Over 60 per cent of FY19’s total info-communications and technology (ICT) contract value is geared towards developing digital services on the five platforms. Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) will be able to participate in over 80 per cent of the contracts in FY19. To make it easier for businesses to work with the Government, GovTech has worked with the Ministry of Finance to streamline and introduce new procurement methods for ICT contracts.

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