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Singapore HTX Promotes Cloud Technology

The country’s Home Team Science and Technology Agency (HTX) has kickstarted the SingaporeHTX 2023 with its inaugural GoCloud roadshow for HTX officers (Xponents) to learn, experiment, and engage with cloud technologies, a press statement said.

At the event, HTX introduced the GoCloud Portal and GoCloud community to its officers. The portal is a gateway to cloud-related resources, Sandpits for experimentation, and training pathways. The roadshow also featured an exhibition and spotlight talks on topics including HTX’s cloud strategy, navigating a typical cloud journey, and the sovereign cloud.

Furthermore, Xponents gained valuable insights and knowledge on how to optimise their use of cloud technologies to harness the possibilities of the cloud – from improving efficiency and scalability to boosting collaboration and innovation.

The event is part of HTX’s digitalisation and cloud movement. It is the first in a series of upcoming initiatives to build awareness, enablement, and implementation of applications leveraging cloud technologies. More than 500 HTX officers attended the roadshow, which was held at HTX headquarters.

The HTX Chief Executive, Chan Tsan, stated that as the organisation leverages cloud technologies fully to deliver digital transformation for the Home Team, it is imperative for Xponents to ‘Gear Up and Step into the Cloud Universe’. Another official said that digitalisation skills are here to stay and are fundamental for the future. The cloud will enable access to a wide spectrum of technologies to innovate and enhance the Home Team’s capabilities and operations.

Last year, HTX signed a strategic agreement with a private technology giant to develop a sovereign cloud to accelerate digital transformation and innovation for HTX. It addressed emerging technology needs across Singapore’s Home Team Departments. The agreement also introduced new skilling, job development, and training initiatives.

According to HTX, the sovereign cloud equips HTX with on-demand, high-performance cloud computing, and data storage resources. It enables HTX to quickly adapt and create new technologies and solutions, significantly reduce time-to-market in introducing new digital capabilities, and quickly scale up capacity to meet future needs.

High system resiliency and availability ensure that Home Team’s operations continue 24×7 with minimal interruption. Coupled with high-speed network connectivity and advanced analytics, the sovereign cloud capability offers Home Team officers on the ground real-time data to enable swifter incident response and decision-making.

As part of the agreement, the private player provided additional training and educational opportunities, including 600 training seats along with exam certificates that have been made available annually to HTX. The training will advance the technical skills of cloud technology professionals in Singapore.

The strategic partnership enables Singapore to push the boundaries of innovation and be at the forefront of technology, Tsan had said. The country is well-poised to exponentially enhance the capabilities of the Home Team and to keep Singapore as the safest place on the planet, he explained. The agreement enables key technological advancements and provides access to data and insights to help drive change across various communities.

As OpenGov Asia reported, the cloud has transformed the way organisations communicate, cooperate, and carry out many other critical business and service functions. Cloud communications services are becoming an increasingly intrinsic choice for organisations looking to streamline their operations and enable their remote workforces to stay connected and productive.

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