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Singapore IMDA receives 3 proposals for 5G Network

Technologies such as Virtual Reality, the Internet of Things (IoT) and Autonomous Vehicles are quickly shaping the future digital interactions for economy and society. These technologies are underpinned by reliable and secure telecommunication infrastructure, which enables wireless and mobile communication technology to play a very important role going forward.

The mobile sector worldwide continues to invest in network improvements, in order to enhance its service offerings. Both the regulators and the telecoms industry globally are racing towards the deployment of 5th generation mobile networks, more commonly known as 5G.

The fifth generation of mobile broadband technology

5G is the fifth generation of mobile broadband technology, which many see as the next big leap in mobile communications. 4G was introduced in Singapore back in 2011.

5G will bring faster mobile broadband speeds, up to 20Gbps (20 times faster than theoretical peak 4G speeds), more reliable mobile broadband, with much faster response time, possibly as low as 1 millisecond (25 times faster than today) and multi-device support.

Companies will also be able to tap on 5G to bring new services and efficiency to citizens. With these performance improvements from 5G, businesses could unlock the potential of autonomous vehicles, smart factories, and many more innovations.

“5G has the potential to fundamentally transform our businesses and the way they operate,” said Mr Iswaran, Minister of Communications. These could include network connectivity for self-driving vehicles, industrial automation and the Internet of Things, and nationwide sensor networks, he added.

IMDA receive a total of three 5G network proposals

At the close of the 5G Call for Proposal on 17 February 2020, IMDA received a total of three submissions – one each from Singtel Mobile Singapore Pte Ltd, and TPG Telecom Pte Ltd, and a joint-submission from StarHub Mobile Pte Ltd and M1 Limited. IMDA is currently evaluating the submissions and will award by mid-2020.

According to IMDA, bids will be assessed based on a set of criteria that includes network security design and resilience, network performance and rollout, and spectrum offer price. The base price of one 100MHz lot has been set at SG$55 million.

Singapore striving for standalone 5G network by 2022

Singapore is expected to have two full-fledged standalone 5G networks covering more than half the island by end-2022, with deployments to begin this year. Full island-wide coverage is expected by 2025 and operators of the two nationwide networks will have to provide wholesale services to other operators.

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