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Singapore Launches ASEAN Centre to Strengthen Regional Cyber Security Landscape

Singapore has recently established a new centre for ASEAN member states to collaborate on research, knowledge sharing, and training to respond to cyber threats to help strengthen regional cyber-security capabilities. ASEAN, which has made progress in coordinating and strengthening its cyber efforts, needs to build on this momentum to deepen regional and international partnerships in the cyber-security realm, according to Minister for Communications and Information.

The ASEAN-Singapore Cybersecurity Centre of Excellence (ASCCE) also aims to improve member countries’ cyber-security strategy development, legislation, and research capabilities. It is mentioned that cyber-attacks can occur at any time and have a devastating impact that can cripple critical systems and cause mass chaos. Regional efforts to strengthen cyber security will thus provide the region with more trust and assurance.

ASEAN member states cyber experts have been discussing the 11 norms at various ASEAN capacity building workshops throughout the year. They have identified areas where progress has been made, as well as other areas in need of capacity building for the successful implementation of norms.

– Minister for Communications and Information

The Minister for Communications and Information announced the opening of the centre’s new campus on North Bridge Road at the ASEAN Ministerial Conference on Cybersecurity. The minister, who is also the Minister-in-Charge of Smart Nation and Cybersecurity, stated that the centre is one way to help the region develop cyber-security skills.

She explained that developing such functionalities lays a solid foundation for countries to establish norms for responsible state behaviour in cyberspace. The minister stated that the cyber threat landscape has changed dramatically in the last year, with more frequent ransomware and cyber-attacks targeting organisations’ suppliers.

Furthermore, the centre serves as a cyber think tank, conducting research and training in areas such as international law, cyber strategy, legislation, cyber norms, and other cyber-security policy issues. The centre also provides virtual cyber-defence training and exercises.

OpenGov Asia in an article reported that CSA also said that the government will also strive to make the use of cyber-security solutions simple and convenient. To accomplish this, it will collaborate with the industry to create innovative “plug and play” cyber-security solutions for users.

The latest cyber-security strategy comes as cyber threats have increased in the country, with some serious incidents occurring in recent years. To adapt to changes in the cyber operating environment, the Singapore Cybersecurity Strategy 2021 takes a more proactive approach to address threats, simplifies cybersecurity for end-users, and develops deeper partnerships with the industry.

The updated national cybersecurity strategy was unveiled by Singapore’s Senior Minister and Coordinating Minister for National Security at the sixth edition of the Singapore International Cyber Week (SICW). The Singapore Cybersecurity Strategy 2021 (“Strategy 2021”) underlines Singapore’s action plan to be more proactive in addressing cyber threats, raising the overall level of cybersecurity across the country, and advancing international cybersecurity norms and standards. Strategy 2021 will also place a greater emphasis on workforce and ecosystem advancement for businesses and citizens to capitalise on economic opportunities in the cybersecurity sector.

“As the digital economy grows in scale and complexity, cyber security becomes of utmost importance to provide the much-needed measure of assurance and trust in the digital technologies that permeate all sectors of the economy,” said the Minister for Communications and Information. He also noted that the organisation’s efforts to grow the ASEAN digital economy must be accompanied by a strong regional cyber security strategy.

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