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Singapore Ministry of Defence recognises technological expertise at awards ceremony

Singapore Ministry of Defence recognises technological expertise at awards ceremony

Minister for Defence Dr Ng Eng Hen presented the Defence Technology Prize (DTP) to four people and two teams at the DTP award ceremony this week. They are individuals and teams from Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) agencies, defence industry, academic and research institutes.

The DTP is awarded annually to individuals and teams that have made significant technological contributions to the defence capability of Singapore. The DTP encourages technological innovation and breakthroughs in defence science and technology.

Dr Ng highlighted the increasingly important role the defence technology community will play in sharpening the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF)’s technological edge.

 “Increasingly, we will need to leverage our scientific and technological expertise to address the threats, whether it is terrorism, biological pandemics and cyber-security. We all know that technology also allows us to multiply our efforts as we tackle the challenges of a shrinking workforce or land-scarce Singapore.” He said 

He also stated that Singapore will continue to invest in technologies such as satellites and sensors that help us see farther and quicker; in analytics and robotic systems that can respond autonomously or with few men in the loop. It is with these capabilities that the SAF will stay sharp and strong as an effective fighting force, even if there are fewer people.

Dr Ng also emphasised the importance of developing talent in military science and engineering and to constantly try to attract those who wished to pursue a career in this field.

He said, “We will continue to attract high calibre scientists and engineers and develop their careers in the defence arena. Over the years we have enhanced our scholarships for those who are keen to pursue a military science and engineering career. We will ensure that those with proven capabilities make good career progression and are given opportunities to excel and lead. And these efforts that we put in place over the years are bearing fruit. Over the last four years alone for example, we have seen a 30% increase in the take-up of science and engineering scholarships awarded by the SAF.”

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