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Singapore Polytechnic announces real-world hangar, a new milestone in engineering education

Singapore Polytechnic announces real world hangar

Singapore Polytechnic (SP) has opened its first AeroHub, a new aerospace training facility today.

Equipped with facilities typically found in an industry aircraft hangar, the four story state-of-the-art AeroHub includes a virtual simulator training room and an aeronautical research and development centre.

In addition, the AeroHub will hold two of SP’s newly acquired King Air B90 turboprop and Hawker 700 turbofan aircraft. These aircrafts will be used to provide experiential learning for the students and aids them in acquiring a more comprehensive knowledge and skills on aircraft structures, avionics and engines.

AeroHub will also house the Aeronautical and Aerospace Electronics Engineering laboratories and facilities under one roof, and synergize teaching and learning activities for different Aerospace modules, as well as Research and Development and industry partnerships.

This unique integration will present more opportunities for students from various engineering courses to interact and learn from each other, and jointly work on multi-disciplinary SP as well as aviation industry projects.

Non-engineering students are also welcome to join this learning experience so that they can develop an appreciation for it well.

Asides from honing their technical skills, they will also be able to acquire “soft skills” such as collaboration, communication, creativity and leadership. This will ensure that they have a good standing when they are placed in the aviation field and polish their ability to deliver real-world solutions in time to come.

“This new facility will further promote multi-disciplinary culture among our students. This will enable them to deepen their skills, gain mastery and find a purposeful pathway in their engineering after graduation,” said SP Principal and Chief Executive Officer, Mr Tan Choon Shian.

The AeroHub also marks a successful partnership between SP and their private partner. This collaboration is the first involving such an aerospace company and an education institution in Singapore.The private partner has also included six SP students as co-inventors of this patents.

“It was an invaluable learning experience. Through working with the engineering students, I have learnt how to incorporate engineering concepts into my future design projects. Working as a team has also empowered me to generate new ideas and to approach problems from different perspectives.” Said Miss Jess Chew, a Diploma in Interior Design graduate, who worked on one of the planes.

Further collaborations with key aerospace industry players will be expected in 2016 and there will be increased opportunities for the students to enjoy experiential learning while pick up soft skills at the same time, making the education journey a more colourful and fruitful one!

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