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Singapore public sector and industry partner to develop technologies to mitigate climate change

According to a report by the National Research Foundation, carbon emissions make up 97% of Singapore’s total greenhouse gas emissions. Under the Paris Agreement, Singapore has pledged to, by 2030, reduce its emissions intensity by 36% from 2005 levels, and to stabilise its emissions and peak around 2030. The Singapore Government has announced its long-term strategy to halve emissions from its 2030 peak and achieve net-zero emissions as soon as viable.

Industry leaders, Keppel Data Centres, Chevron, Pan-United and Surbana Jurong, with the support of the National Research Foundation, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) last week, committing to use their combined resources and jointly develop the first end-to-end decarbonisation process in Singapore.

The collaboration is aimed at accelerating the development of a highly integrated clean and energy efficient Carbon Capture, Utilisation & Sequestration (CCUS) system that can lead to a low-carbon economy and potential commercial developments for Singapore.

Professor Low Teck Seng, Chief Executive Officer of the National Research Foundation (NRF),said, “Investing in low-carbon R&D to drive cost-effective solutions is crucial for Singapore in our journey towards a low-emission economy. While Singapore, like the world, is still dependent on fossil fuels for our energy needs, technologies that enable efficient CCUS would help mitigate our emissions greatly.”

“Carbon Capture, Utilisation & Sequestration also presents opportunities for converting carbon dioxide into novel chemicals, materials and fuels, offering potential in growing new industries. This MOU demonstrates commitment from both industry and researchers to co-develop innovative solutions to achieve Singapore’s long-term carbon goals of net-zero emissions.”

The partnership will develop Carbon Capture, Utilisation & Sequestration technologies that are readily applicable, with high technical readiness and cost efficiency to implement in Singapore’s key industries such as energy, chemicals and construction.

Under the MOU, Keppel Data Centres, Chevron, Pan-United and Surbana Jurong will jointly explore, identify and develop mature carbon capture technologies, coupled with new technologies that utilise cryogens, membranes and hydrogen.

“Chevron shares the society’s concerns about climate change. We are committed to advancing technologies and forming strategic partnerships in our efforts to deliver reliable, and ever cleaner energy. These efforts take us a step further along in Singapore’s and the energy industry’s long-term, low-emissions development strategy.” said Mr Law Tat Win, Chevron Singapore Country Chairman.

The four companies will also leverage the combined resources, knowledge and capabilities with other research partners, Institutes of Higher Learning and international partners to advance the development of the CCUS technologies.

When commercially viable, the CCUS technologies are expected to help reduce carbon intensity across the industry sectors and help Singapore reach its goal of net-zero emissions, equivalent to 33 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions, by 2050.

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