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Singapore to develop new urban technologies

Have an innovative urban solution for smart estates? The Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) has launched a Call for Innovative Solutions (CFIS) for Smart Estates. Technology providers, developers and facility management companies can submit proposals between 1 December 2018 to 31 March 2019. Proposals should address industry gaps and transform estates to create greater positive outcomes.

In conjunction with the technology call, IMDA has partnered with Ascendas-Singbridge Group (ASB) and JTC to trial innovative urban solutions for smart estates. IMDA has allocated a total of SGD 14 million to fund trials at ASB’s Science Park 1 and 2, and JTC’s LaunchPad @ onenorth, Fusionopolis One and LaunchPad @ Jurong Innovation District.

Mr Tan Kiat How, Chief Executive of IMDA said, “We are excited to develop the smart estates of the future. Innovations for a better tomorrow start with a collaborative effort today amongst our technology or solution providers with developers, asset owners and built environment enterprises. Through this inaugural smart estate technology call, we hope to accelerate the development and deployment of innovative urban solutions in sites such as JTC’s Punggol Digital District and subsequently, smart estate projects across the region with partners like ASB.”

At JTC’s one-north, for example, a work-live-play-learn estate concept has been developed.  Currently, over 50 000 people research, do business and learn in the area. One north houses a living lab where start-ups, technology owners and research institutions test-bed their latest urban solutions including autonomous vehicles, drones and personal mobility device sharing systems. Given the various buildings and public spaces in the area, one-north provides an ideal location to test varying urban environment complexities.

Over at ASB’s trial sites, several technology initiatives have been launched to improve sustainability and operational efficiency on its properties.

IoT, data and video analytics have been used to trigger alerts and predict future usage. These technologies have helped ensure timely response to building incidents and maximise space allocation. A central content management server has been installed to increase interactivity with customers and ensure content updates are done in a timely fashion.

Projects which can be undertaken are categorised neatly into smart environment, smart enterprises and smart living.

Smart environment integrates facility management to help developers and facility owners to harness data from various sensors and IoT devices within the estate. With the data collected, they can embark on innovative services or operations.

Smart enterprises seeks to help alleviate high demand on resources and manpower. For example, unmanned aerial vehicles and automated guided vehicles can be used to ease manpower constraints and demands. Overall, delivering a better service to customers.

The third building block, smart living, empowers communities and residents to have greater accessibility to technology. Biometric payment or autonomous transport can help deliver personalised services. It can also provide a more meaningful experience for smart living.

The partnership with ASB and JTC will help materialise the future of smart estates. IMDA envision technology powering the hyper-connected smart estates. Connectivity enables innovative digital services to provide a seamless experience for the community and create new growth opportunities for enterprises.

Mr. Jeffrey Chua, Chief Executive Officer of Ascendas-Singbridge Services, part of the Ascendas-Singbridge Group, said, “Enhancing customer service and experience is becoming increasingly important to differentiate ourselves from other real estate developers. With technology as an enabler, we look forward to working with like-minded technology providers to help us enhance customer experience, drive operational excellence, and reinvent our products and services.”

“We are happy to partner IMDA in this initiative to spearhead the implementation of smart urban technology in our business parks. This will give us the opportunity to gain insights on how we can better equip future industry spaces and business parks with new technologies that will benefit industry and community,” said Mr. Ng Lang, Chief Executive Officer, JTC.

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