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Singapore Tourism Board Collaborates with Iconic Nightclub Zouk to Create Next Level Digital Experience

The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) teams up with Asia’s iconic nightclub Zouk Singapore to organise Zouk Phuturescapes – a series of virtual parties for audiences around the world on the last weekend of May.

STB and Zouk take virtual parties to the next level by reinventing the existing entertainment and nightlife concept, engaging audiences at home through a curated line-up of local and international DJs and musicians, as well as innovative technology elements such as augmented reality filters and 3D virtual backgrounds.

Singapore Tourism Board offers Next Level Digital Entertainment Experience for Global Audience at Home

The collaboration between STB and Zouk comes naturally, as both brands are attuned to the changes in the consumption of entertainment and nightlife, and are keen to push boundaries and pioneer new concepts to showcase Singapore’s vibrant offerings in these areas, amidst COVID-19.

This is also an opportunity to support and showcase homegrown talents on a global stage – an integral part of STB’s Passion Made Possible brand. STB’s Passion Made Possible brand encapsulates Singapore’s never-settling spirit of enterprise in making passions possible. As part of PMP, STB groups visitors into Passion Tribes based on their lifestyles and interests. There are seven Passion Tribes, including Socialisers who enjoy the energy of the entertainment and nightlife scene.

STB Assistant Chief Executive, Marketing Group, Lynette Pang said: “We aspire to take the concept of virtual parties to the next level through a mix of content curation, immersive technology, audience engagement, and innovative marketing.

“In doing so, we will showcase the best of Singapore’s entertainment and nightlife, and shine the spotlight on our home-grown talents. Together with Zouk, we welcome audiences around the world to join us for this unique experience from the comfort and safety of their own homes.”

Zouk Group Chief Executive Officer Andrew Li said: “The support of the Singapore Tourism Board has provided us with the opportunity to further elevate our virtual parties to showcase Singapore’s entertainment and nightlife scene to a global audience.”

“Through Phuturescapes, we hope to unite our global community on a safe and readily accessible platform for all to tune in, dance along together, engage with one another, and collectively look forward to the day guests from around the world can be welcomed into the club again.”

Engaging audiences through innovative technology

To add an interactive element to the parties, STB and Zouk worked with VICE4 to create augmented reality (AR) filters on Instagram. One of these AR filters will feature an avatar of Diplo against a 3D virtual background of Gardens by the Bay.

Audiences will be able to capture content of themselves enjoying the parties, layer the AR filters over the content for a fun touch, and post on Instagram.

VICE has also created virtual backgrounds of various tourism icons, which audiences can use during the Zoom party. Through these immersive technology elements, audiences are able to learn more about Singapore’s offerings.

Moderators will also use Zoom functions such as Poll to have contest giveaways; and Spotlight to feature selected audience members grooving to the beat.

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