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Singapore’s Changi Terminal 4 will bring Innovation

When people think of air travel, they have to meticulously plan for each second. They prepare themselves for hours of downtime and dead phone batteries. Singapore aims to shed light on this situation.

Currently under construction, is one of the most alluring up-and-coming attractions to the area, Changi Airport Terminal 4. The Changi Airport Group (CAG) aims to expedite check-in and boarding processes, passport clearance, and overall passenger experience. The budget for the project is estimated around $1 billion SGD.

The fourth terminal of the Changi Airport is scheduled to open in the second half of 2017. It is expected to increase the existing passenger capacity to about 82 million per year. Terminal 4 will house Cathay Pacific, the entire AirAsia group and other international airlines.

Mr. Poh Li San ( Vice President of Terminal Four Program Management Office of the CAG) believes that the development would lead to rapid economic growth in the entire South-Asian region, including India, China and Indonesia.

Why Changi Airport will have the smartest terminal in the world

Changi Airport will introduce new technology geared for airport orderliness and organization. CAG will introduce facial recognition technology for the first time. This will help reduce staff needed to perform manual visual checks of passengers.

Without the need of staff, passports and boarding passes will have the ability to be scanned and validated automatically. This will serve a seamless and stress free process through check-in. Comprehensive trials and intense testing will be carried out prior to the terminal’s opening.

In a press conference held on 9 July, , Mr. Yam Kum Weng (Executive VP of air hub and development) stated, “”With T4’s emphasis on innovation and productivity… passengers can expect passage through the various touch points to be smoother and stress-free, giving them more time to enjoy the facilities, and wide array of shopping and dining options.”

Making Terminal 4 an attraction of its own

The “Jewel” Project of the airport is a fantastic visual treat. It is currently being developed with the intention of opening it in 2018 to the passengers and locals alike. The ten-storey high complex is shaped like a doughnut, with a 40 meter vortex of rain falling from the roof at the centre of the structure.

Following the National Parks motto, “Let’s make Singapore our garden,” Terminal 4 will also have an indoor forest complete with hiking trails. This plan, when completed would simultaneously have the largest indoor garden in Singapore and the world’s tallest indoor waterfall. Also, a boulevard of trees will line the boarding corridor. The design will welcome natural light, enhancing the organic feel of the terminal.

Other destinations within the terminal include upgraded transit lounges, Pemanakan heritage shops, and a central Galleria.

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