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Singapore’s Health Promotion Board collaborates on new health tech initiative

There is a new initiative in town, aimed at Singaporeans to get their healthy sneakers on.

The Live Healthy SG initiative incentivises Singaporeans to sign up for a year-long subscription to Fitbit Premium at a rate of $10 a month. Those who sign up will be rewarded with a free Inspire HR health tracker, worth S$158.

This is a collaboration between Fitbit and the Health Promotion Board (HPB).

The aim of this initiative is to encourage Singaporeans to adopt better lifestyle practices in physical activities, sleep, nutrition and emotional wellbeing.

It employs technology, behavioural insights and data analytics of those who have subscribed with the Fitbit Premium programme to encourage them to change their habits and adopt healthier habits.

The Fitbit Premium platform provides subscribers with a digital coach who will assist them via video workouts and audio coaching.

The Live Healthy SG initiative is being coincided with HPB’s other initiatives, such as the National Steps Challenge initiative and the Healthy 365 app. This to increase involvement and to get more Singaporeans on board.

Fitbit activities of users can be linked to health challenges on the Healthy 365 app. This will allow them to win prizes, earn points or redeem awards.

CEO of HPB Zee Yoong Kang said that there are ongoing efforts with other tech agencies to incorporate the use of technology for providing Singaporeans with the instruments to be effectively responsible for their health.

Some of the efforts include the subscribers with Fitbit’s being able to share their health data with HPB. The data will then be studied and analysed to identify trends for the formulation of more focused health intervention and promotional programmes.

Mr Zee said that technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning will be incorporated in these efforts to better promote physical activity, healthy eating and better sleep quality amongst users.

The insights gathered can also help to enrich HPB’s health promotion programs,” he said.

Pre-registration for this programme will be made available to all Singapore citizens and Permanent Residents, starting mid-September. The roll-out of this initiative can be expected in late October this year, according to Fitbit.

OpenGov had reported on two other health-initiatives rolled out by government agencies this year:

Careline app

Careline app, a hotline app developed by the Temasek Foundation, provides elderly citizens with a listening ear.

This a 24-hour telephone befriender service for elderly citizens has been extremely helpful thus far.

The elderly can use this service to call for help or to just talk to someone. It also provides greater accessibility to the telecare services for the elderly.

Apart from the telecare service, the app comes with a GPS function which allows Careline staff to locate the seniors who require medical or any other assistance.

MyCare app

SingHealth had introduced a new app, MyCare, for patients to be able to make specific requests without the need of pressing a call button.

The app is installed in iPads which are placed by the patient’s bed. Patients can make clear requests like asking for a glass of water or assistance to go to the toilet.

This saves the time that nurses take to attending to their patients by knowing their specific requests or concerns.

The app also gives them immediate access to their medical information and daily care routine.

The medical information includes the patient’s diagnosis, test results and of the medication they consume.

It also comes with a messaging function which allows patients to communicate any doubts they have about their medical examination results with their nurses.

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