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SingPass – Singapore’s national digital identity

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Today, more than 4 million Singapore citizens and residents use SingPass, Singapore’s national digital identity. A cornerstone of Singapore’s Smart Nation initiative, the national digital identity ecosystem is critical in achieving Singapore’s Smart Nation vision of delivering significant benefits to citizens and businesses, and transforming the capabilities of government agencies through digital platforms. SingPass, as a secured gateway, has evolved to allow access to over 2,000 digital services offered by some 250 government agencies and private organisations. Over 120 million transactions are conducted using SingPass annually.

This Smart Nation strategic national project brings convenience to the everyday lives of citizens, catalyses industry to develop more value-added services, and increases opportunities for government-to-citizen co-creation. Made available to the private sector to enhance their digital services, SingPass helps support Singapore’s digital economy and our vision of a global ecosystem for interoperable national digital identities.

The current suite of services and features include SingPass Mobile, MyInfo, Login, Verify, Notify, Face Verification and Sign. Remote authorisation of transactions will be available in 2021.

SingPass Mobile

The SingPass Mobile app was launched in October 2018 to provide greater convenience when users access government and private sector services online and in person. Users can check their CPF balance, apply for HDB flats or manage their insurance policies with ease.

Popular features include login shortcuts to frequently-used government digital services and a customisable profile for personal information at a glance. The latest face verification feature supports easy onboarding by overseas users, doing away with the need for a Singapore mobile number.

As of September 2020, more than 2 million SingPass users are actively using SingPass Mobile to access services, with more than 60 per cent of all SingPass transactions conducted through the app.


MyInfo enables users to pre-fill digital forms with their personal data from government sources for online transactions, while giving them control over how their information is shared.

To date, close to 600 digital services offered by government agencies and businesses have been on-boarded to MyInfo. Since then, the use of MyInfo has resulted in an average decrease of up to 80 per cent in application time for users, with businesses reporting up to 15 per cent higher approval rate due to better data quality and significant cost savings in their customer acquisition process. This service sees more than 200,000 transactions a day.

MyInfo Business

MyInfo Business enables businesses to pre-fill digital forms with entity data from government sources for seamless Government to Business (G2B) and Business to Business transactions, such as corporate profile, financial performance and ownership information. It facilitates 118 G2B digital services such as applying for a grant on the Business Grants Portal and invoicing agencies on Vendors@Gov.

This service is being piloted with some private sector services for opening of a corporate utilities account and application of SME loans. Singapore-registered business owners can log in through

CorpPass, give consent and have authorised data pre-filled in these participating digital services. To date, there are over 40 private sector digital services from 9 organisations on-boarded to MyInfo Business.


Businesses can tap on Login for identity assurance and authentication processes, while customers can do away with remembering one additional set of credentials. To date, there are 40 private sector organisations leveraging Login as an authentication gateway, including OCBC Bank, Prudential, NTUC Union, Income Insurance, the Singapore Employers’ Federation and JustLogin’s HR software.


Verify enables users to perform secure face-to-face identity verification and data transfer through scanning of QR codes or Near-Field Communication (NFC). Using SingPass Mobile, the user simply scans a secure QR code at the counter and consents to have his basic personal details used in the transaction.

This feature is being piloted at Republic Plaza for visitor registration and Punggol Polyclinic for new patient registration, without the need for residents to present their identity documents. Businesses that have face-to-face registration processes, such as real estate companies, healthcare institutions, financial institutions, the automobile industry and training providers, have also expressed interest to integrate their services with Verify.

Face Verification

Face Verification enables users to access services on web or mobile browsers by comparing a person’s presented facial image with the Government’s biometric database (such as their latest NRIC / Passport / Work Pass photo). This can be layered upon relying parties’ existing authentication process to enable multi-factor authentication and provide a higher identity assurance, especially for transactions involving sensitive information.

The feature is being piloted for logins to government digital services at agencies’ kiosks located at IRAS Taxpayer and Business Service Centre and Our Tampines Hub’s Public Service Centre since April 2020, and CPFB’s Bishan Service Centre since September 2020.

As of 1 October 2020, over 4,200 users have accessed services at these kiosks through the face scan feature. Users who visit the service centres to reset their SingPass passwords have also seen a reduction in waiting time of over 10 minutes.


Sign enables users to digitally sign documents using their SingPass Mobile app by scanning the QR code displayed on the screen before authenticating themselves. Sign employs technology to ensure the integrity of the signed document and to counter repudiation.

Businesses and services such as document signing applications can integrate and provide trusted signatures directly with SingPass, increasing trust and assurance with their existing document signing products. Signing with SingPass provides convenience, productivity and efficiency – citizens no longer need to be physically present to sign documents and agreements, and businesses can digitalise document verification and filing.

From November 2020, the collaboration with eight digital signing application providers, namely DocuSign, iText, Netrust, Adobe, Onespan, Dedoco, Tessaract.io and Kofax, will progressively be rolled out. The legal and financial sectors will first pilot Sign.


Notify sends users relevant and timely notifications from government agencies directly into their SingPass Mobile inbox. Through the inbox link, users can log in seamlessly to the agency’s digital service to complete their necessary transactions.

Current examples include (i) SafeEntry Pass notifications which are sent to SingPass Mobile users who have performed their SafeEntry check-ins using the app, and (ii) NRIC and Passport renewal notifications, which are sent by the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) to the user’s SingPass Mobile inbox.

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