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Smart City Technology Management

Smart cities are here to stay and are fast becoming the norm rather than an outlier. Smart cities use ICT to improve the lives of residents through more efficient utilisation of resources, assets and funds in an effort to better serve citizens. Smart cities optimise services and operations to enhance the overall citizen experience while simultaneously driving development and growth. Cutting edge technology is used to plan, design and manage resources and infrastructure in the best way possible.

According to a report, cities can use smart technologies to improve some key quality-of-life indicators by 10% to 30%. These increases could mean more lives saved, lesser crime, lowered health system burden and a cleaner, green environment.

There are, of course, challenges in creating smart cities. These challenges can seem overwhelming, as they range from things like legislative and policy roadblocks to funding challenges to technology infrastructure and security. The fact is, in as much as smart cities rely on technology, the key is not necessarily in how much technology is available but rather how well the available technology is deployed and exploited – Smart City Technology Management.

Read on to know about the five primary technologies required for a highly successful smart city environment and how all the pieces of the city’s infrastructure can work together as a cohesive whole.

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