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Smart Manufacturing Tech Solutions on Display in China

Two hardware manufacturers team up to leverage the raw data to meet their customer needs in a new manner and find the best use and value of the data. The companies displayed technological solutions including data archiving Artificial Intelligence (AI), unified storage, object storage, hybrid flash memory, and series all-flash array.

Both companies agree that object storage has become the fastest-growing storage method. Therefore, one of them has launched object archiving software that can store object data directly on tape to meet custom requirements, optimise performance by packaging objects, and also has the functions of restoring and returning data. They are preparing for research and development in this area and starting to launch more software products.

Archiving means building a bridge between online data and offline data to access and archive. Both companies want to connect their archive function with object storage to get tape data access through the object storage mode and archiving function for accessing long-term data. This direction is promising so it needs more research, development, testing, and optimisation.

As an intelligent data management solution and service provider, the company has been discussing how to manage the underlying data of new infrastructure to make it more intelligent. Therefore, the company launched business continuity protection which is an application of a dual-active system. The system is relatively low-cost, cost-effective, as well as meets a wider range of user needs. The company can provide an overall solution for the entire data life cycle, a set of management models with affordable costs.

The other company also provides a differentiated solution for cold data storage to contribute to the new infrastructure. Through offline storage of critical data, important data be protected from the risk of permanent loss and information leakage caused by sudden power failure, human error, and ransomware attacks. It can also help the data centre reduce power usage efficiency and contributes to China’s goal of carbon neutrality by 2060.

The new infrastructure can achieve massive storage, diversified utilisation, and real-time processing of data storage, and solve the problems of how to store and manage data, which will provide new opportunities for the entire industry. To gain maximum benefits, companies cannot rely on one product but they need to partner with other enterprises to provide various products and solutions to meet customers’ demands.

To help users from various industries to have a more targeted understanding of tape storage applications in the display, many companies show data storage solutions that can meet customers’ differentiated needs. The technological solutions include applications in the field of audio and video production, security applications, and solutions for after-sales testing of tapes.

Traditional storage forms are gradually being less popular and software-defined storage will become a major trend. Storage is no longer just simply placing data, but it has a higher degree of automation more convenient. It can separate the software function from the array control device, and better realise the coordinated distribution function of data in heterogeneous storage devices. Diversified storage solutions have their own characteristics and complement each other.

To become a leader in science and technology, China aims to popularise sophisticated technologies by displaying them to the public. As reported by OpenGov Asia, College students from a Chinese public university displayed and demonstrated their tech products for representatives of participating enterprises to observe. These products are designed to solve the actual needs of everyday issues tackled by organisations.

This course replaces the traditional graduation design and focuses on the actual problems faced by enterprises through students’ self-selection of topics, team-building, cooperative research, and problem-solving. It aims to cultivate engineering leaders to solve practical problems and display teamwork spirit, engineering ethics, and an international vision.

Over the past three years, many participating companies have acknowledged the ingenuity of the students’ products, and more and more companies are willing to join the program. The exhibition attracted more than 40 business leaders and representatives from companies.

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