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Smart vending machines to boost HK Smart City goals

Image Credits: InvestHK, Press Release

According to a recent press release by InvestHK, a ​Singapore-based orange juice vending machines provider recently that it has opened its Hong Kong office and launched its smart vending machines services, offering automatic and freshly squeezed orange juice in the city.

InvestHK is a the department of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government responsible for attracting foreign direct investment and supporting overseas.

The vending machine is a smart application of technology and hardware; the oranges put directly in front of the customers to get juice straight from the fruit automatically. The machine also transfers data to the operation centre in Hong Kong via the Internet for refilling, according to the Chief Executive Officer of its Hong Kong office.

The CEO noted that the company has just placed two vending machines at an office building in Kowloon Bay and a residential property in southwest Kowloon to start with and planned to employ more people to run the Hong Kong operation centre and place more vending machines in the city.

As in the operating model in Singapore, the company is also responsible for managing the daily operations and providing aftercare and maintenance services for the machines.

The CEO of the Hong Kong office stated that there are many similarities between Hong Kong and Singapore. They are both international cities with high population density, high rent and high labour cost. People in both places have similar dietary habits and are becoming more concerned with their health. In addition, Hong Kong is close to the Mainland and an important market in the Greater China region. Together with its robust economy and respected legal system, the city is the best window for the company to showcase its products and services in the region.

The Associate Director-General of Investment Promotion at InvestHK stated that it is hoped the company will leverage the city’s business advantages to take its business further to the Greater China region.

The company is a vending machines manufacturer and operator in Singapore. It specialises in providing freshly squeezed orange juice vending services to its customers and the machines are certified by the National Environment Agency in Singapore. The company operates over 600 vending machines in Singapore.

It is expected that the company setting a foothold in Hong Kong will help manifest the region’s Smart City goals. With its vision being to embrace I&T to build a world-famed Smart Hong Kong characterised by a strong economy and high quality of living.

Moreover, the welcoming of the vending machine services company is in line with the Government’s aim to enable businesses to capitalise on Hong Kong’s renowned business-friendly environment to foster innovation, transform the city into a living lab and test bed for development.

As part of its goals, the HKSAR Government seeks to continue to explore and formulate initiatives to:

  • enhance the overall business climate, particularly in areas of the technology-driven economy like Fintech and re-industrialisation;
  • further, develop our I&T ecosystem to attract more start-ups and investors from other jurisdictions; and,
  • attract more leading talents and investments to enhance our city’s economic vibrancy.

In addition, the Government aims to welcome organisations that seek to enhance the life quality of Hong Kong citizens and their health. The Smart City Blueprint notes that the aim of the Government is to make people happier, healthier, smarter and more prosperous, and the city greener, cleaner, more livable, sustainable, resilient and competitive.

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