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So Will Prefab Cost Me More or Not [OG Partner]

There’s no question when it comes to prefabricated modular data centers, it offers real benefits in terms of speed of deployment, greater reliability, greater flexibility to scale, and improved predictability. But when the topic of cost comes up, there is often a lot of confusion and disagreement as to whether it’ll save you money or cost you a premium over traditional, stick-built sites.

White paper 218, Quantitative Analysis of a Prefabricated vs. Traditional Data Center, is our attempt to set the record straight. In this paper, we analyze the capital costs of two data centers whose capacity, cooling architecture, power architecture, level of redundancy, density, and the number of racks are the same. By keeping everything the same, we were able to isolate the cost differences of the design approach (prefab vs. stick-built). We used one of our reference designs – a 440 kW tier 3 data center, as the basis for the design attributes. Romonet data center modeling software was used to complete this analysis, and Romonet experts reviewed and validated our analysis model itself.

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Download: So Will Prefab Cost Me More or Not

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