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Startups Drive Digital Health Solutions in Taiwan

medicine, health, technology and hospital concept - close up of female doctor showing virtual hologram on tablet pc computer screen

Many startups discussed their solutions, which tackle topics like digital health, medical devices and Artificial Intelligence (AI) healthcare. A series of startups told their stories as part of a demo day of Taiwan’s first international medical university accelerator with a perfect medical marketplace, clinical advantages, biomedical and AI talents.

The medical accelerator focuses on digital health, AI, and medical equipment as well as assisting startups to raise funds, community and international resource linkage, coaching and reducing development risks, clinical trial planning, establishing medical pathways.

The accelerator is the largest growth-focused program and venture fund for healthtech, medtech and digital health startups in Taiwan. Based in Taipei, they leverage the unique strengths of our thriving ecosystem to position as the gateway to Asia for both local and international startups.

A Singapore-based medtech company that is working on home dialysis remote management service is dedicated to improving the quality of life for dialysis patients. Another digital health company wants to improve the management of chronic respiratory diseases by increasing the efficiency of medication delivered into the lungs while tracking intake data to optimise the assessment of treatment outcomes.

With a team of data scientists with a single-minded focus on driving innovative computing in clinical genomics, a Bio-IT company accelerates future life science and helps overwhelmed researchers and clinicians deal with the immense challenges of data deluge in genomics.

An AI-based health monitoring device provider builds the “Smart Care Ecosystem for All Ages” by integrating bioacoustics sensing technology, algorithm, Internet of Things (IoT), and a data-driven platform. Based in Taiwan, a pharmacokinetic platform for preclinical evaluation of therapeutic cells transforms a potential therapy from the research stage to advanced clinical and commercial applications to save lives.

Another healthtech company utilises exclusive passive ultrasonic detection technology to record the sound from the user’s exhalation, transmit to the mobile app and calculate as lung function parameters, provide user managing their own lung health status.

A medical technology company that is committed to making cardiac diagnostics scalable and accessible to everyone creates solutions for clinicians to face the ever-increasing demand for diagnostics. an AI Bio-maker model utilises AI technology to screen cancer and provide the prediction. Focuses on long-term healthcare, a health device manufacturer provides hospitalised families with comprehensive help services.

Digital health has been growing significantly in Taiwan, including the adoption of AI in the medical sector. As reported by OpenGov Asia, Taipei City-based research organisation is promoting the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in academic institutions, nongovernmental groups and enterprises through data exchanges and open-source projects. Taiwan’s leading role in the global supply of semiconductors means the country is ideally placed to integrate the latest and greatest technologies into the biotech and medical sectors.

Healthcare is the ideal field to expand the use of AI given the technology’s ability to quickly conduct big data analyses and modelling. Taiwan’s National Health Insurance (NHI) Research Database contains over two decades worth of data and images to assist in this process.

According to a report, digital health has great potential to transform healthcare in Taiwan through delivering a better patient experience, with improved results, at lower costs. This trend is attracting the growing attention of firms operating at the intersection of technology and medical science, as well as encouraging tie-ups and collaborations between medical facilities and businesses involved in innovative sectors such as AI and the Internet of Things.

Taiwan focuses on integrating advanced technologies with the latest medical applications to enable connected and smart healthcare. This development is expected to have a synergistic impact on Taiwan’s emerging advanced tech industries. As digital information is the bedrock of high-quality patient healthcare, Taiwan has long developed a comprehensive health information technology system to improve and monitor the financing and delivery of healthcare services.

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