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Statistics New Zealand testing a cloud-based concept & classification tool

Statistics New Zealand testing a cloud based concept classification tool

Last week, Statistics New Zealand (SNZ) released a test version of a cloud-based concept & classification tool for their open data sets, called Ariā (Ariā means “concept” in Maori). This was on their innovation site, which shares experiments, dealing with new ideas, products and services.

Governments around the world are working towards making more and more government data sets accessible to the public. Intuitive interfaces allowing users to understand, explore, export and use the data is essential to maximising the benefits of open data and enhancing citizen engagement.

In a user-friendly browser-based system, audiences can gain greater understanding about the classifications, concepts, and standards that underpin data. The layout is expected to provide easy searchability and the ability to download in multiple formats, including Excel, Word, PDF, SAS, HTML.

More information is available on Ariā, compared to the Statistics NZ website, including concordances, synonyms, and definition text.

The Concepts, classifications and standards are taken from published content on the Statistics NZ website.

Initial plans from 2011 revealed that under the development arrangement, Aria would be available for licensing by other statistical agencies.

The agency is currently seeking feedback on the functionality and usefulness of the tool. 

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