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Strategic investment arm of Defence Science and Technology Agency of Singapore enters into investment partnership with Canadian accelerator

Strategic investment arm of Defence Science and Technology Agency of Singapore enters into investment partnership with Canadian accelerator

Cap Vista Private Limited (Cap Vista), the strategic investment arm of the Defence Science and Technology Agency of Singapore (DSTA) entered into an investment partnership with a Canadian accelerator, TandemLaunch.

TandemLaunch is a seed investor and incubator focused on creating early-stage technology start-ups. It works closely with consumer electronic companies and universities to identify disruptive technologies with a sizeable market opportunity.

The CEO of Cap Vista, Chee Wei Ng said,‘’We invest in technology start-ups with promising applications and products that seek to develop their businesses in the Asian defence and security market. We believe that such innovative technologies and partnerships are beneficial for our mutual entrepreneurial ecosystems, as well as the defence and security needs of Singapore.”

“Beyond their investment in TandemLaunch Ventures Fund II, this partnership formalizes a framework by which Cap Vista can further empower our ventures by providing access to potential new sources of funds and development opportunities internationally,” said Helge Seetzen, General Partner of TandemLaunch.

According to the Cap Vista website, it structures creative investment modes including funds from direct equity investments or project-linked financing with convertible options or warrants tied to milestone delivery and its investments are not restricted by geographic location.

Cap Vista’s current portfolio includes companies working on metal infused ceramic armours (Ascendant Technologies), genetics, toxicology and bioresources supply (Prestige BioResearch), optoelectronic devices and photonic integrated circuits (Denselight semiconductors), enhancing underwater networks and communications (Subnero), data collection, data-mining, analysis and predictive modeling (Sense Infosys) and high performance acoustic devices (Microfine Materials Technologies).

TandemLaunch ventures focus in multimedia areas, with computer vision, human-machine interaction, machine learning and other technologies involved . Ventures include Sportlogiq, a player tracking and activity recognition system for hockey; Algolux, which uses machine learning for optimising computer vision systems; Irystec Software, whose embedded technology adapts displays to viewer attributes such as age, gender, ethnicity, colour and contrast perception; SensAura, a bio-signal emotion recognition device) and Sensing Dynamics, a machine learning based electronic nose platform.

Earlier this month, Singapore’s Minister for Defence announced the establishment of a new Analytics and Artificial Intelligence laboratory under DSTA.

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