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Strengthening Gender Equality in Taiwan’s Tech Sector

Technology innovation requires a diversity of talents to bring different perspectives. Women are an important force that cannot be neglected in the innovation process. Taiwan invited successful women leaders in the fields of Science, Technology Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) to share their first-hand experiences and encourage more women to participate in scientific research and the technology industries. The female tech leaders shared their perspectives and advocated for the influence that women can bring into STEM to inspire young women to pursue careers in this field.

We are committed to promoting the exchange of talents between France and Taiwan. We believe that diversity and inclusion can attract more talents to the innovation and technology industry, and emphasises the role of women diplomats in the international arena. French Office in Taipei values its partnership with Taiwan as Taiwan is an island with excellent innovative technology.

Head of Culture, University Cooperation and Education at French Office in Taipei

People had the opportunity to learn from those female tech leaders about the importance of believing in themselves, listening to their voices, and daring to try. Regarding the balance between work and family, women may overcome the challenges and find the way that suits them best. Women should reserve time for themselves besides work and family to reflect on their goals. Many difficulties could be solved if they are passionate about their job in the STEM field.

A female CEO in a big company said that there is no difference between men and women when it comes to working. The most important thing is to be capable to achieve the goals they have set. Opportunity only comes they concentrate on their job, keep learning and dare to challenge. The company established the “Taiwan Outstanding Women in Science Awards” as role models with the aim to encourage more women to break through the traditional social frame and to step into scientific and technological fields.

The development of women’s power in research was unanimously emphasised by industries, governments, and academia. Taiwan is committed to the cultivation of young talents in Taiwan and abroad, with the cooperation of the industry, government, and academia. In recent years, Taiwan has actively encouraged more women to participate in science and technology research. In the future, Taiwan will continue to invite distinguished leaders in STEM to promote gender equality and the continued development of Taiwan’s sci-tech research.

As reported by OpenGov Asia, the Taiwan government has taken steps to improve gender inequality in Taiwan, but progress in increasing women’s participation is still slow. According to recent research entitled “Digital Media: Empowerment and Equality”, digital media empowers female users and fosters gender equality in Taiwan. The study investigated the use of digital media, specifically social media, in the workplace in Taiwan.

The finding revealed that the differences between women and men using social media were significant. Women in Taiwan have a higher awareness of the benefits of social technologies for business support and empowerment. Digital technologies can support female empowerment for tasks such as creating awareness, marketing, or building relationships. Women experience huge benefits from using these digital technologies, however, education was deemed to be a key factor for success in this area.

The findings from this study apply to the Taiwanese respondents specifically, but can be used to help empower women across the world. Women must take responsibility to use the tools and information to find their voice, create a network, and help others enjoy empowerment, success, and economic equality. Achieving gender equality is a challenge around the world, but Taiwan’s efforts to close the gap between men and women push the country in the right direction while adapting to the digital world.

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