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Sustainable Health Review Panel holds expo to showcase the leading digital technologies and possibilities for the health sector in Western Australia

Sustainable Health Review Panel holds expo to showcase the leading digital technologies and possibilities for the health sector in Western Australia

According to the announcement
made by the Government
of Western Australia
(WA), the mini digital health and innovation
expo was initiated by the Sustainable Health Review (SHR) Panel.

It involved 20 innovators from both
national and WA that showcases leading-edge digital technology for the health

Health Minister Roger Cook explained that
one of the key priorities of the McGowan Government is to ensure that Western
Australians enjoy the best health care possible by putting patients at the
centre of policy and service delivery. This can be achieved by embracing the
benefits of innovation and change.

Another technology showcased at the expo is
the independent living technology that will assist people in staying safely in
their own home. An application to help delay the symptoms of Huntington's was
also on display.

People will also see an unobtrusive and
easy-to-wear monitor that measures the rhythm of the heart and be able to detect
potentially deadly cardiac problems.      

Released in February, one of the main
themes of the Sustainable
Health Review Interim Report
focused on having person-centred
services. It also made mention of making greater use of technology, data and
innovation to support consumers and clinicians.

The purpose of the Interim Report is to
reflect back what the Panel has heard from its extensive consultation with
stakeholders and to outline initial observations, preliminary directions, and recommendations
for immediate action and areas for further work.

Several suggestions were submitted to the
SHR. It was recommended that they investigate on new technological initiatives
like patient navigation apps, health robotics, telehealth and virtual reality.

Because of this, the SHR panel thought of
organising an event so that they can provide insights into the possibilities of
emerging technologies. The event was well attended by health consumers, carers,
clinicians and staff.

Minister Cook shared that the expo has
provided hands-on and interesting insights into this emerging space and
reinforces the key themes of the Sustainable Health Review's Interim Report,
which are primary care, health prevention and promotion, and care in the

He added that Western Australia is a
leading global contributor to health innovation and medical research. Digital
health is one of the fastest growing industry sectors globally, particularly
mobile and wireless health.

He further discussed that the expo
highlights the potential within the digital healthcare industry and its
technological advancements, which have the capacity to help control the health
budget, create WA jobs and, most importantly, deliver better patient outcomes.

He concluded with saying that the
Government must move as the technology improves and they must be ready to try
new approaches and ways to deliver health care.

The final report of the Sustainable Health
Review will be presented to the Government in November 2018.

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