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Sydney Quantum Academy gets government go-ahead to establish city as a quantum computing hub

The NSW government has backed a proposal for a Sydney Quantum Academy (SQA), which will see researchers from four universities collaborate to advance quantum technologies and link them to industry.

Various universities to collaborate in the Sydney Quantum Academy

The AU$15.4 million Sydney Quantum Academy initiative will see the University of Sydney (USyd), University of New South Wales (UNSW), Macquarie University, and University of Technology Sydney (UTS) encourage students to work with each other and train across the four universities.

Sydney – specialist city in Quantum expertise

“Most of our international competitors excel in just one form of quantum science. But here in Sydney, our universities have strengths across a number of fields such as silicon quantum computing, topological quantum computing, trapped ions, quantum software, and nanodiamonds.” said Minister for Innovation Matt Kean.

New South Wales, and Sydney in particular, has a high concentration of quantum expertise and research centres.
The University of Sydney is home to the $150 million Sydney Nanoscience Hub, which houses the Australian arm of Microsoft’s quantum research lab network.

The NSW government funding, combined with current university and future industry support, sees the total investment in the SQA pinned at around AU$35 million.

Funding to also support start-up businesses

It is expected the funding will also be used to link students to industry through internships and research; support the development of quantum technology startup businesses; and promote Sydney as a quantum computing hub.

“Our new investment will secure a pipeline of highly skilled quantum engineers, software experts and technicians to build and program these incredible machines as the technology becomes reality,” Deputy Premier John Barilaro said.

“We want the SQA to secure investments from key players in the global technology industry and attract the best scientists from around the world to NSW.”

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