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Taipei Advances to Fourth Place in the 2021 IMD Smart Cities Ranking

Taipei City Government has invested many years into the development of a smart city. The effort has won numerous recognitions from the international community. The Smart City Index 2021, recently published, ranked Taipei City fourth globally and second place in Asia. This ranking once again confirms the city’s accomplishments in this area.

The ranking this year examines 118 cities across the world and reviewed survey responses from over 15,000 individuals. The focus of the survey includes smart city and technology applications, as well as the respondent’s impression on aspects such as health and safety, socialisation, and work environment. The latest report shows that Taipei City received high marks in areas such as medical services, safety, transportation, job opportunities, and governance. It also demonstrated strengths in areas such as culture and leisure activities, hospital appointment efficiency, free public WiFi, medical resources, and convenience of public transportation ticket purchase.

According to the Department of Information Technology, the city government established the Taipei Smart City Project Management Office (TPMO). The agency assisted the city government to implement a citywide “Living Lab” program which involved numerous Proof of Concept projects to explore possibilities of the latest technical innovations from the private sector.

Under the 1+7 Smart City Framework which is based on the core of smart governance and combined with smart education, environment, economy, security, transportation, and building, Taiwan hopes to drive a more open smart city development and tackle urban problems through smart city solutions.

Taiwan’s Industrial Development Bureau (IDB) has initiated a “Smart City Taiwan” project to create livable communities, business-facilitating, and innovation-fostering. Smart cities embed smart technology including artificial intelligence (AI), the internet of things (IoT) and other services in order to make living more efficient and accessible for its residents.

With every country integrating technology into their societies, 40% of market growth for smart city projects will mostly be from countries within the Asia Pacific region. With Taiwan’s new project on the way, Smart City Taiwan is changing the concept of the traditional city through the integration of smart applications and other technology.

The transportation and technology industry have become key focuses the government wants to achieve in the next five years. Throughout the development process, the government is expected to invest US$200 million in creating smart transportation technology like smart traffic data analysis, smart parking meter systems, and smart ticketing systems using an app. The goal of this implementation is also to create new business opportunities and transform the transportation network’s digital infrastructure.

As reported by OpenGov Asia, Taiwan has implemented 223 Smart City projects which make use of various technologies and innovative solutions to improve important aspects of communities, including governance, healthcare, transportation, agriculture and more.

As Artificial Intelligence technology develops, the applications begin to play a key role in government delivery of citizen services. Smart cities are entering a new phase of Smart City 2.0 by integrating AI as well as Internet of Things technologies into services.

These are some of the many Smart City Taiwan projects, that demonstrates some of their best practices which could help cities worldwide to solve similar issues. To yield a greater understanding of the solutions with real cases and data, Smart City Taiwan digital solutions engage, Taiwan International Development Co., (TIDC) use of geomagnetic senses to reduce traffic by acquiring and sharing real-time parking information.

Through national policies and initiatives, Taiwan’s “Smart Cities Development Project”, engages public-private partnership (PPP) to facilitate intelligent services in Taiwan, and the global marketplace. This has assisted to drive user-centred solutions to migrate from 4G to 5G, utilising Taiwan’s strength in hardware and software integration. Smart cities are one of the goals that countries around the world are striving to develop. Taiwan is world-renowned for its smart city development.

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