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Taipei Combines Fashion with 5G Technology

Taipei leveraged 5G network services to connect fashion shows and art performances, and perform real-time shows in different places to provide a new integrated experience across various fields. 5G network services were also used to connect fashion catwalks and art performances in the “Opening Cross-field Show” as part of the opening event.

Vice Minister of Culture Lee Lien-chuan said even under the impact of the pandemic, the ministries, central and local government, as well as the fashion industry would work together to promote Taiwan’s fashion industry to the international stage and become a representative fashion event in Asia or the world.

Through 5G network, in addition to linking the live broadcasts of the two events, and performing real-time remote shows, the designer clothing catwalk images will be transmitted to Songshan Cultural Park, and the musical performances will be transmitted to the venue simultaneously.

The tech company has cooperated with the venue to build a 5G private network where it combined 8K/4K high-resolution projection to create an immersive exhibition venue. With the advent of the 5G era, Taiwan has actively promoted the development of 5G innovative applications that integrate culture and technology.

This initiative is aligned with Taiwan’s 5G action plan that calls for the adoption of several strategies—including deregulation, innovation, proofs of concepts, and forging connections—to devotedly pursue the development of all manner of 5G value-added communications services along with vertical applications.

The ultimate goal is to build Taiwan into a suitable environment conducive to innovative uses of 5G, which in turn will increase the nation’s digital competitiveness, entrench industrial innovation, and realise a way of life enmeshed with smart technology.

These are five pillars of the plan:

  • Establish areas for testing vertical 5G applications: Public and private entities will work together to set up sites across Taiwan to test a diverse combination of applications. Rules and regulations will also be relaxed in order to expand the scope and operational modes of applications that can be tested.
  • Engineer an environment conducive to innovative 5G applications: A platform for cooperation across multiple industries will be constructed to support new 5G businesses, as well as draw into the market enterprises from a wide selection of sectors. Talent proficient in 5G technology and applications will be fostered through a full range of channels to meet the growing demands of the 5G industry.
  • Perfect core 5G technologies and cybersecurity: Future objectives include a unified national policy for 5G cybersecurity, protective mechanisms to secure domestically produced 5G products, and a strengthening of skills to defend critical 5G infrastructure and operational cybersecurity.
  • Plan for the release of 5G spectrum that will best serve overall interests: An encompassing 5G spectrum policy will be thoroughly planned out following industry requirements, market trends, and international developments. The auction of 5G frequencies will proceed in stages to allow for revisions, comprehensive preparations and eventual release of the spectrum.
  • Adjust laws and regulations to create an environment beneficial to the development of 5G: The new law supports the joint construction of basic 5G infrastructure and shared use by all.

As reported by OpenGov Asia, The Export Processing Zone Administration (EPZA) is actively conducting the second phase of investment promotion for the Kaohsiung Software Park (KSP) that will provide a field for 5G Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT), testing and application development. EPZA welcomes the information industry and 5G AIoT emerging technology enterprises to establish themselves at the park.

Technology Industrial Park (TIP) aims to accelerate the promotion of smart manufacturing, equipment optimisation, advanced material research and development, etc., and make the park into an important high-end manufacturing centre. Moreover, TIP actively introduces 5G equipment and resources, promotes intelligent, cloud-based, and customised services to explore new business opportunities in digital intelligence, as well as promotes the optimisation of park facilities.

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