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Taiwan 5G Mobile Gaming Experience Improves

5G is becoming fast the standard internet service for everyone who wants to make the most of digital. 5G networks are viewed as one of the major enablers for Industry 4.0. The major benefits of the 5G start with its greater speed in the transmissions compared to any other network. Plus, it has a lower latency. Therefore, by default, 5G has a greater capacity for remote execution.

Moreover, 5G can maintain more connected devices with better service. Its wider possibility of making virtual networks happen (network slicing) provides better connectivity to mobile gaming needs. In short, 5G is the way to go for mobile gamers who have an extensive need for a voluminous amount of graphics data while playing. In keeping with this trend, Taiwan’s 5G speed has improved since the last year. Of late, a global independent mobile analytics company has rated the country relatively high in gaming and download speed. The island nation has obtained better numbers compared to other countries as stipulated in the latest report on the mobile experience offered by 5G networks around the world.

In rankings, Taiwan tied for seventh place in the 5G mobile gaming experience category with Japan and tied for 15th in 5G download speed with Lithuania in the fourth quarter of 2021. This is according to the latest “5G Impact on the Global Mobile Network Experience” report by a leading U.K.-based mobile analytics company.

On gaming, the report considered the top 20 global markets in 2021 for real-time multiplayer mobile gaming that are 5G network compatible. Korea ranked first with 88.5 points on a 100-point scale, while Taiwan and Japan were tied with scores of 78.6 and 78.4, respectively. That’s a substantial improvement for Taiwan. Its latest numbers represented a 2.6-point improvement from the first quarter of 2020, the study revealed.

Moreover, the report also showed the impact of 5G on download speeds in Taiwan. Accordingly, the country had the average speed in the fourth quarter of 2021 reaching 44.8 megabytes per second (Mbps), up from 26.6Mbps in the first quarter of 2019 before 5G became available.

Taiwan’s 44.8Mbps download speed for the fourth quarter of 2021 was on par with Lithuania’s 44.6Mbps. Still, it was well behind Korea’s leading 129.7Mpbs. Its 15th place ranking, however, was five spots better than its 20th place finish in the first quarter of 2019.

Of course, Taiwan’s results were based on the average performance of Taiwan’s telecom companies. To date, four major telecommunication companies have adopted and made available 5G, the fifth generation of broadband cellular networks.

The U.K.-based analytics company is an independent mobile analytics company that specialises in quantifying the mobile network experience. The company regularly publishes industry and consumer reports based on information collected from users of mobile applications.

The above-average 5G mobile gaming experience attests to the nation’s aggressive digital transformation strategy. Recently, the nation announced plans to be a smart manufacturing hub for the region. Already, many countries are ordering machines for their own Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) use.

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