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Taiwan Accelerating Development of Smart Transportation

To deal with the rapid changes from technological innovation, Taiwan’s Ministry of Transportation established the “Transportation Technology Industry Report”. This initiative is to promote cross-domain exchanges between industry, government, education, and research through governance innovation, link technology, industry, and society, and open a new future for the transportation technology industry.

Through the composition of the report, various government ministries and committees have closer exchanges. The government is proposing strategies and action plans for short, medium, and long-term industrial development. In the next four years, the Taiwanese government will also invest in trillion yuan to launch the largest governance innovation and industry promotion project with the largest number of participants.

Transportation construction is an important driving force for the country’s economy. Taiwan will make every effort to promote smart transportation, rail construction, and smart sea and airport design so that Taiwan’s industry can keep up with the development of technology and improve the quality of life. Taiwan aims to be an internationally renowned intelligent transportation technology island.

These are transportation technologies that Taiwan focuses on:

Railway technology

The railway is a high-tech industry and the largest investment of the overall transportation technology industry group. Starting from the concept of national car manufacturing, the future will continue to promote railways and the localisation of railway electromechanical systems. It will not only strengthen industrial technology but also expand domestic manufacturers. Participate in the formation of a national team to promote the future strength of the industry. To promote Taiwan’s railway technology and experience to the international stage, the establishment of testing and verification consistent with international standards and planning related fields is the key.

Smart electric bus technology and smart public transport service 

Cross-domain integration between systems must be realised, including ticket integration, schedule integration, and even service level integration. The smart public transport Service industry will actively become a part of the smart city through the application of regional integration and big data, from the smart electrification of carriers to the management of the entire smart road network in place. Given electric buses are an international trend, the Ministry of Transport expects to fully replace electric buses by 2030, hoping to improve the urban air pollution problem, and at the same time create a domestic-related electric bus industry chain, including self-driving technology, charging issues.

Smart sea and airport and smart logistics service 

In this space, technology can be used to improve the quality, safety, efficiency, and sustainability of sea and airports, including ship dynamic management systems and smart customs clearance systems around sea areas.

Unmanned aerial vehicle technology

At present, the domestic industry is leading in technology, but what is lacking is the opportunities and experimental fields for practical application and technical trials, so it needs to be integrated and provided by various ministries. The government needs to focus on coordinating and cooperating with the navigation channel of the drone. The attitude of the local government will affect the future industrial development, hoping to promote good communication and help promote management energy.

5G smart transportation experimental Field and transportation big data technology

To create a smart transportation system with “people-oriented transportation”, the 5G smart transportation experimental field promotes cross-domain cooperation to create a new generation of transportation services and infrastructure. The field also promotes emerging transportation industry standards and application verification mechanisms and develops transportation technology

As reported by OpenGov Asia, Taiwan marks an important milestone in the development of smart public transport by launching the self-driving electric bus shuttle service. Taiwan’s traffic environment is more complex than in other western countries due to its high traffic flow and vehicle density. This gives Taiwan’s Information and communications technology (ICT) industries, automotive electronics suppliers and transport operators a competitive strength in developing related technology and services.

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